Analytics of subscription payments and recurring transactions is one of the major concern of businesses these days.

It is a complicated task to analyze and predict the performance of any payment business as the data collected from a payment gateway is in the form of raw excel sheets, which is later refined and useful information is extracted from them. 

Payment analytics software like ProfitWell will help you perform all the information generation tasks with just a few clicks.

ProfitWell is a top class payment analytics solution which comes preloaded with an enormous amount of features and one of the reason, why it is famous, is because this software is entirely free of cost. There are no subscription charges or package price for unlimited users forever.

If you implement ProfitWell in your business then you can enjoy the free leverage of the following feature:-  

  • Multiple payment gateway integrations are allowed which includes Stripe, Braintree, Zuora, Chargebee, etc. ProfitWell is also working on the integration of Recurly and Chargify as well.
  • Latest updates about the growth, revenue trends and other details of your subscription business.
  • It also delivers churn and retention trends which can easily be monitored from a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Each and every customer details and billing activities, as well as Cohort report.

Below is the list of feature that you will encounter while using ProfitWell Payment Analytics Software.

  • Power & user-friendly Dashboard for a quick view of the business.
  • Get all the plan details and Growth from new and existing users.
  • Trends provide details about MRR, Plans, Retention, Trials, and Cohorts.
  • Fetch all users through different filters Customers
  • Retain is a premium analytics feature to reduce churn.

So what are you waiting for follow the below instructions and reduce the churn rate, get highest recovery rate and guarantee 100% ROI out of your business.

ProfitWell Payment Analytics Software Login Process 

Instructions to setup ProfitWell

  • On the top right corner, you will see a button GET STARTED
  • Next is the login page where you have to fill in some details to create the account.
  • After defining the essential details you have to provide company details, select the correct time zone of your business and also define the currency.

(This software gets in working state within 10 mins as it is a free software which requires minor details and gateway configuration)

ProfitWell Review

  • This section allows you to define Growth goal of your business which you want to attain.

ProfitWell Documentation

  • This page shows the different payment gateways that can be connected to ProfitWell as well as it defines other methods of integration.

ProfitWell Documentation

Monitor Every Revenue Detail For User-Friendly Payment Analytics Dashboard

The dashboard of ProfitWell is extremely user-friendly as each and every tab is easily accessible from it. You can monitor all the essential details of your business like.

  • Growth of your business can be seen from the dash, this graph specifies the goal and growth of business in a particular month.
  • Number of new customers in the particular month.
  • What was the Churn percentage
  • Number of Trials collected.
  • Upgrades & Downgrades

Plus you can also view most recent customer activities from the dashboard of ProfitWell Payment Analytics Software.

ProfitWell Documentation

View Net Subscription Revenue Of Any Given Month Through Growth Payment Analytics

This section projects the net subscription revenue of a particular month generated from new as well as old customers. The graph shows daily and weekly growth along with the set goal, you can also compare plans and month data here. Following are status that it shows. 

New Users = Every new signup for any product is added to the Growth from new users and the amount of subscription is raised and reflected on the graph.

Existing Users = All the complex Calculations are performed here like upgrades, downgrades, churn and more. It shows how much your business has grown or shrunk in a particular month.

Canceled Users & Edit Goal = Viewing the number of canceled users it is not a problem with ProfitWell as it has a dedicated checkbox for view the canceled users.  You can also edit the business goal defined at the time of Login process through EDIT GOAL option.

ProfitWell Documentation

Visualize The Metrics Trends From ProfitWell Payment Analytics Solution

Focus on how your business has changed month over month. From here you can have a refined look over MRR, Plans, Retention, Cohorts and visualize the financial changes that have taken place over a period of time.

  • MRR :- Monthly Recurring Revenue collected from new users, upgrades, existing, downgrades, churn and the Net MRR is shown here with specific details. You can also extract past month data in the form a CVS files from here.

ProfitWell Documentation

  • PLANS:- Displays data related to different plans of your business like which plan gathers the most revenue of your business. You can also get a bifurcated view of plans on the basis of MRR, ARPU [avg revenue per user], LTV [lifetime value of customer], churn and more. Plus same data extraction process is available here.

ProfitWell Documentation

  • RETENTION:- This section helps you evaluate the changes in the revenue which occur due to upgrades, downgrades, and churn of customers. Retention rate shows the exact percentage on the graph for proper understanding. It also shows Churn Rate Breakdown, Upgrade And Downgrade Rate, Retention Breakdown For Past Months along with some more filters.

ProfitWell Documentation

  • COHORTS:- Provides a precise report which can be filtered on the basis of different dimensions like Revenue collected, customers. As you can define the number of months and more.

ProfitWell Documentation

Extract Details Of Customers In ProfitWell Payment Analytics Software 

Customer tab is one of the most precious section where you can see all the dimensions related to customers like user detail, plans opted, time and more.

This search can be further filtered on the basis of active customers, trailing customers, manual transactions, canceled customers and more. It also allows to fetch out customer through email ID.

ProfitWell Documentation

Reduce Churn Via Retain Feature Of ProfitWell Payment Analytics Software

ProfitWell is an entirely free payment analytics software, but there are few services which are paid just like this one. Retain is a premium facility which helps you reduce churn rate of your business.

This is a paid service which equips your business with automated feature like recovery system, In-app messaging, landing pages and different forms as well. One of the best part of this paid service is that ProfitWell guarantees 100% ROI.

ProfitWell Documentation


Recognized is another charged feature by ProfitWell which is a fully automated system that extracts useful data from excel spreadsheets and saves time.

Account Settings For ProfitWell Payment Analytics Software 

Here you can view all the basic information about your ProfitWell account. Perform information change like email address, company name, time zone or currency accepted, you can also change the password.

This page also allows you to send team members invitations via emails and you can revoke your account anytime.

  • Account Details

ProfitWell Documentation

  • Pulse

This section helps you get the details about the customer and ensures that not a single customer activity is missed. Here you can define the number of messages that you would like to receive. With a few clicks, you can easily connect your Slack account with ProfitWell.

ProfitWell Documentation

  • Integrations

ProfitWell gives you multiple data integration options like Stripe, Braintree, Zuora and more. You can also connect to ProfitWell API to manually send transactions in bulk or you can send data automatically from the app.

Payment gateways once connected will automatically deliver data to ProfitWell. It is also heard that Recurly and Chargify integrations are also coming soon.

ProfitWell Documentation

Data Settings

Through this page, you can create new plans and exclude customers.

ProfitWell Documentation


Chat Option is also available to clarify any type of queries and solve problems that are encountered by you while working on the software.

Conclusion For ProfitWell Document

The document holds each & every detail of ProfitWell Payment Analytics Software which is defined perfectly. If you are planning to integrate ProfitWell in your business to cover the analytics, then I am sure that after going through this blog once will help you get all essential information about the software.

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