Subscription Management Software

“Subscription management & invoice billing can be a tiring and unmanageable process when you have so many clients.”

You all know the reason why? Don’t you?

Well, if you have a good amount of customers, you might need to collect their details at a single place like the plan they opted for, contact number, address, generate invoices, and much more…

Though you can do all this offline using paper and pen, does it ensure efficiency and security?

Probably not!

To help you out with these tasks, you need subscription management & recurring billing software that can help you out by managing all the data at a place and handles every aspect of your subscription business. Also, saves time and efforts in managing payments, reporting, payment failure retries, charging tasks.

Services Pricing (Yearly Plan) Additional Transaction Fee Affiliate Module Custom Domain
Pabbly Subscriptions $19/M
Chargebee $249/M
Zoho Subscriptions $49/M
Recurly Contact Sales
Contact Sales

Go through the listing and decide which software fulfills the requirement of your business.

Now, let’s explore the list of 10+ best subscription management software and find out the best one!

1. Pabbly Subscriptions – Billing Management Software

Pabbly Subscriptions is a stand-alone application for all your subscription billing needs. It is efficacious in managing your entire subscription-based business right from payments to subscriptions to reporting. Pabbly Subscriptions offers an open integrated payment API through which you can integrate any payment gateway of your choice.

Pabbly Subscriptions - Subscription Management Software

Besides, the Pabbly Subscriptions comes with several astonishing features like affiliate management module, plan cloning, record refund, import customer and subscriptions, invoice customization, and many more. And, it offers all these features at a very reasonable price without any transaction charges.

So, Pabbly Subscriptions can be your new assistant which is all set to rescue your time, money and efforts by satisfying all your billing needs.

Pricing –

The pricing plan for Pabbly Subscriptions goes like this:-

Starter: It costs only $19/month on a yearly basis where you get essential features such as

    • 500 Customers
    • Setup Unlimited Products
    • Multiple Billing Model
    • Unlimited Revenue
    • Dunning Management
    • Multilingual Checkout Page
    • Webhook And API Integration

Recurring Billing

Rookie: To upgrade to this plan, you gotta pay $29/month on a yearly basis. With this, you will get all the features and services that you were getting in a Starter plan. Plus, it provides advanced features such as:

    • 2000 Customers
    • Upsell/Addon (New)
    • Tax Management
    • Dunning Emails
    • Multiple Payment Gateways
    • Affiliate Module For 5 Affiliates

Pro: If you want to opt for this plan, then you need to pay the amount of $49/month on annual payment.

    • Affiliate Module For Unlimited Affiliates
    • Custom Domains
    • Unlimited Customers
    • Recurring Payments
    • Limitless revenue


Let’s have a look at the exemplary features of Pabbly Subscriptions:

  • Substitutes manual management with automation:
    Pabbly Subscriptions smartly substitutes all your manual management of payments, subscription, reports, etc., with its automation feature. Apart from this, it also automates all your recurring and one-time payments and also generates invoices for each of them. While the calculation of taxes can be a hassled task, Pabbly Subscriptions automatically calculates taxes for you and ensures a smooth flow of work.
  • Payments made easier:
    Business flourishes when it goes border-less. Hence, Pabbly Subscriptions is here to take your business to global heights by supporting you with accepting multiple payment gateways and by letting different people use different payment options. Also, you can customize your payment page by adding your own logo, tag-line, banner, etc. It also has a dunning feature which acts as a savior at the time of denied or failed payments.
  • Unlimited Additions:
    In addition, Pabbly Subscriptions lets you add an unlimited number of customers, products, promo codes, and coupons in a few clicks without any technical codings. And, all of this can be smoothly managed in a single dashboard. Also, it provides you with an API-key through which you can integrate with any web-page.


Hearing a success story always leaves with an awed feeling.
Isn’t it?

And, what if I say you can create your success story with Pabbly Subscriptions?

Yes, Pabbly Subscriptions is here to offer its widest range of solutions to all your subscription billing needs at just $19 for a month.

More About Pabbly Subscription

2. Chargebee – Subscription Management & Recurring Billing Software

Chargebee provides all nuts and bolts that are required to manage subscription, recurring payments, invoices and much more, with an additional one elegant API layer.

Chargebee - Subscription Billing Software


Similar to other services, Chargebee gives amazing 3 pricing plan which is also briefly discussed below and you can try this powerful software for free.


The Rise plan gives numerous features like invoicing & subscription management, payment and checkout page, reporting, etc., and if your organization generate $25k revenue per month then for that you just have $299/month.

And, if in case your business produce an extra revenue then you have to pay 0.5%(of that extra revenue)

It would be easy to understand it with an example:-

If your organization generates $30k revenue per month then overage revenue is calculated as:-

0.5% of($30000 -$25000) + $299(basic charge) = $324 per month

Similarly, if your business generates $50000 revenue per month and the extra revenue % for this plan is 0.6%, then RISE Plan will actually cost you –

0.6% of($55000 -$50000) + $299(basic charge) = $329/month


Further, the SCALE Plan is for those businesses who generate $75000 revenue per month and the extra revenue rate for this plan is 0.9%. So, then the actual amount will be –

0.9% of(80000 -$75000) + $599(basic charge) = $644 per month


To know the pricing details of this plan, you need to contact the sales team of Chargebee.

This software is a PCI level 1 compliant and will provide many features to its customers such as:-

  • Flexible Plan Management
    With this management software, you can set-up unlimited subscription plans and analysis all that from a single dashboard.
  • Manage Your Trial Pack Easily
    With Chargebee’s flexible trial management, you can easily set up trails that suit your business because trials are the perfect way to make your users fall in love with your product.
  • Baked-in Coupon System
    Make your marketing campaigns easy with Chargebee’s in-built coupon management system along with tracking feature also.

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3. Invoicera – Invoice Billing Software

Invoicera is an online subscription management software which helps businesses to automate and manage their recurring billing which is generated on a regular basis.

Invoicera - Recurring Payment Service


Invoicera gives 4 pricing plan along with a free trial version. Here, you can also request a free demo to see the working of this software.

Starter Plan

The STARTER Plan is totally free for a lifetime. In this, you will get 1 recurring profile, 3 active client account, 0 staff.

Pro Plan

For 100 active clients and recurring profile, you have to switch to the next plan which is PRO. To buy this plan, you have to spend ₹2499/Year which contains features like clients/vendor portals, multiple language invoicing, automatic invoice scheduling, 25+ international payment gateways and much more.

Business Plan

For 1000 active clients, you need to pay ₹9999/Year. With it, you get features like 10 staffs, PDF Protection, approval process and much more.

Infinite Plan

For unlimited clients and staff, you can buy this plan. To get this, you need to pay ₹19999/Year.

Below are some features that this software provides:-

  • Real-time Report
    Here you can generate a variety of client report such as outstanding invoices, payments received, can see the amount billed or paid & invoice aging all in real-time so that, you can get a better customer management system.
  • Automated Billing & Payments
    With the help of auto-billing profile, you can automatically receive customer payments online. It is also very helpful at the time of getting paid when the invoice becomes due.
  • Manage All Aspects Of Your Business..!
    Furthermore, these features assist you in sending bills to the customers on a periodic basis, which will improve the productivity of the invoicing process.

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4. ChargeOver – Billing Software

ChargeOver is a simple recurring billing and subscription management software with the help of it you can automate recurring payments and subscriptions. Apart from this, the tool also works with many companies such a QuickBooks, Xero and more!

ChargeOver - Subscription Billing Software


Based on the number of monthly active customers each month, this subscription management software provides numerous pricing plans.

For 0-50 Customers-

To buy this plan, you have to pay $65 per month. And with 0-50 Plan, you will be able to manage 50 active customers.

For 51-150 Customers-

The amount that you have to pay for this Plan is $115/month. With this, you can manage 150 active customers.

For 151-500 Customers-

The 151-500 Plan costs $299 per month and allows you to handle 500 active customers.

For 501-2500 Customers-

For this plan, you need to pay $549 per month. And with this, you can handle up to 2500 active customers.

For 2501+ Customers-

To handle more than 2500 active customers, you have to buy this plan. And to know the pricing detail of it, you have to contact ChargeOver support team.

Here are some features of ChargeOver:-

  • Offer Flexible Billing
    This software provides flexible billing options for one-time fees, free trials, prorated charge, split payments renewals, etc.
  • Accept Credit Cards
    Besides, you can also accept recurring payments through credit cards, ACH and PayPal by using the payment processors of your choice.
  • See The Growth Of Your Revenue
    By this service, you can get real-time visibility of your subscription business such as open balance, lifetime value, churn, recurring revenue and more.

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5. Chargify – Subscription Billing Management Software

Chargify is the best billing solution with the help of which you can solve the complexity of subscription billing & management of your business in just a minute. Rather than this, it also gives some additional features like payment gateways, 3rd party integration, analytics & insights, etc.

Chargify - Subscription management software


There are 2 pricing packages that Chargify offers along with this, it also gives 30 days free trial on the Core and Enhanced Plan.

Core Plan

The Core Plan provides you 20+ payment gateway integration, customer support portal, dunning tool, 100k+ product configuration all this at $149 per month.

But along with the basic charge($149), you have to pay one additional charge of revenue generation i.e 1.2% of revenue.

Let me make you understand it with a simple example:-

Let say if your business produce $10,000 revenue per month. Then the total payable amount for this revenue generation will be 1.2% of revenue.

i.e 1.2% of 10,000(revenue) = $120

So, the actually cost you have to pay per month for this plan is

$120(for revenue) + $149(basic charge) = $269/month

Enhanced Plan

In Enhanced Plan, you will get all features of the Core plan plus invoice billing, card payment, unlimited webhook, etc and the cost to buy this plan is:

By taking the above example, we can calculate the actual cost of this plan –

$120(for revenue generation) + $299(basic charge) = $419 per month

Following are some detailed description of features that Chargify gives:-

  • Better & Faster Support
    With Chargify, your support team can quickly locate the plan information, billing history, issue credits, process refunds. The convenience in the process makes support team comfort to work and provide faster service to the customers.
  • Frictionless Sign-up Form
    Chargify offers multiple ways to sign up for new customers and helps you to convert more prospects into a paying customer.
  • Provide Easy Communication With Your Customers
    This service ensures you that customers receive the subscription information they need via automated email communication. With this mailing service, you can maintain the branding of your company by sending welcome emails on sign up, new updates and more.

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6. Zoho Subscription – Subscription Billing Software

Zoho, a smartest recurring billing and subscription management software with which you can manage the entire customer lifecycle i.e from accepting recurring payments to handling customer subscriptions all at a single place.

Zoho - Subscription Billing Software


Zoho provides simple and straightforward pricing for its customers and also gives free 15 days trial pack so that, you can test the working and performance of this service.

Basic Plan

For the BASIC Plan, you need to $49 per month. With this, you will get features like 500 customers, dunning for automatic payments, etc.

Standard Plan

If any organization buy this STANDARD plan then they have to pay $99 per month for 2000 customers and you will get hosted payment page, multi-currency support, dunning for automatic payments and a lot more.

Professional Plan

To get the PROFESSIONAL Plan, you required to pay $249 per month. For 5000 customers and the rest of the features similar to the Standard plan and much more, this plan suits best.

Following are some amazing features of Zoho subscription:-

  • Easily Handle Your Recurring Billing
    With this management software, you can easily manage every aspect of your subscription business from billing & charging the customers to informing them about the card failure, each and everything can be handled here very quickly.
  • Support Multiple Payment Gateways
    Apart from this, Zoho subscription is also integrated with the most widely used payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Forte, and more. Choose your preferred payment gateway, and set up it in a minute.
  • Real-time Subscription Metrics
    Now, you can get instant and real-time insights updates on your business with this excellent service. This data will help you to make an informed decision which will lead to the growth of your business.

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7. FuseBill – Recurring Billing Software

Fusebill subscription management and recurring billing software is not yet another management tool that scratches the surface of your billing problem, it’s a comprehensive service provider that helps to manage your entire subscription-based business.

Scoro - Subscription Billing Service


Fusebill provides 3 pricing plans along with a free trial pack.

Start-up Plan

The cost of the START-UP Plan is $99 per month along with 1.5% of your revenue as an extra charge. So, the total cost will be $99 + 1.5% of revenue.

Let’s take an example to understand it properly:-

Suppose your business generates a revenue of $2000 per month then the extra charge will be –

1.5% of $2000 (revenue) = $30

Hence, the actual cost will be

$99 (basic charge) + $30 (charge of revenue generated) = $129 per month

NOTE:- The above plan is for the businesses whose annual recurring revenue is $1M or less.

Rapid-Growth Plan

Furthermore, the starting cost of RAPID-GROWTH Plan is $995/month if your business annual revenue is in between $1M-$3M.

This service will automatically calculate the cost for you, just go through the Fusebill site and there you will find an option through which you can easily select annual revenue according to your requirement.

NOTE:- This Rapid-Growth plan best suits for the businesses whose annual recurring revenue is from $1M to $10M.

Enterprise Plan

If your business annual recurring revenue is $10M or more then, the ENTERPRISE plan is best for it. To know the pricing detail of this plan, contact the Fusebill support team.

Here are some amazing features of Fusebill:-

  • Automate Your Subscription Business
    With Fusebill subscription automation tool, you can customize all your customer communications such as failed payments, expired credit card, or past due invoices, etc.
  • Create Coupons & Promos For Customers
    If you want to offer a seasonal discount to your customers then, Fusebill will be a one-stop solution for you. Here, you can create coupons and promos in seconds, whether it’s for one-time use or multiple uses.
  • Provides Flexible Subscription Catalog
    In addition, the catalog feature enables you to control many aspects of your business such as the type of billing, the frequency, add-ons, upgrades, promo/discounts, usage or product expiry, etc.

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8. FastSpring – Recurring Payment Service

FastSpring is the best and amazing subscription handling software which makes the recurring billing management easier. This service is trusted by many big companies like Adobe, Microsoft, Sketch, Macphun and many more.

FastSpring - Subscription Billing Service


Pay As You Grow Plan

The cost of this GROW Plan is 5.9% of your revenue plus 95¢ per transaction. Let’s make it easy with an example:-

Suppose your business generates $5000 revenue per month and you made 200 transaction then the actual cost of this plan will be

5.9% of $2000(revenue) = $118

95¢ of 30 (transactions) = $28

So, the total cost is

$118 (revenue generation) + $28 (per transaction) = $146 per month

Business Plan

Starting cost of BUSINESS Plan is $199 per month along with this you have to pay an extra charge of monthly subscription plus a transaction fee.

So, then the total amount will be equal to

5.9% of $2000 (revenue) + 95¢ of 30 (transactions) + $199 (basic charge)= $345/month

Enterprise Plan

In ENTERPRISE Plan, you will find dedicated onboarding, ERP, CRM, and legacy integrations. To know the pricing of this plan you have to contact the FastSpring support team.

Some amazing features of FastSpring are mentioned below:-

  • Easy Subscription Set-up
    The FastSpring subscription set-up process is very quick, by just completing a few simple steps, you can easily design several pricing plans as per your requirement.
  • Multiple Structures & Custom Options
    Additionally, this software virtually supports every kind of subscription model, including free and paid trials, one-time setup fee, multiple subscription plans prorated plans and more.
  • Fraud Protection Platform
    Here, you will get information about coupons & discounts integration, refund management, support notes from individual customers, multiple plan configuration and much more.

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9. Recurly – Recurring Billing Software

Recurly is the best software that provides you with the details of the key metrics of your business growth. This service is integrated with many companies like Salesforce, Netsuite, Quickbooks and much more.

  • Recurly - Subscription Billing Software


Recurly gives 3 pricing plan to its customers and gives free trial pack on Core and Professional plan.

Core Plan

The CORE Plan charges $99 per month which includes the variety of payment methods, unlimited invoices, analytics and much more.

But is this an actual cost that you have to pay? No, there are some extra charges also i.e along with basic charge you have to pay 1.25% of monthly revenue & 10$ per transaction that you made.

Let’s understand it with an example:-

Suppose if your business generates a revenue of $6000 through 100 monthly transactions, the total amount you will be charged at the end of the billing cycle will be-

1.25% of $6000 revenue = $75

10¢ of 100 transactions = $10

So, the total cost will be

$75(generated revenue) +$10(per transaction) + $99(basic charge) = $184/month

Professional Plan

The PROFESSIONAL Plan is the scale for growth-oriented businesses. You can buy this plan by spending $299 per month, but as mentioned above, there are also some extra charges on adding which the actual amount will be:

$75(for revenue generation) + $10(for transaction) + $299 (basic charge) = $384/ month

Enterprise Plan

For the businesses who need volume pricing and white-glove services, ENTERPRISE Plan will be best in every aspect. To know the pricing details of this plan, you have to contact the Recurly support team.

Let’s have a look at some amazing features of this recurring billing software:

  • Gain Actionable Insights
    For your key subscription metrics, you can collect meaningful data through advanced analytics which will help you to optimize your subscription-based business.
  • Save & Speed Up Your Values
    Recurly helps your business to run quickly by choosing multiple billing models, payment gateways, payment options, integration, revenues recognition, taxes and hosted payment pages as per your requirement.
  • Ensure Security & Compliance
    Additionally, your customer data will be fully secure as this service is PCI compliance, so there is no risk of data loss or hack.

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10. Rebilly – Payment Management Software

Rebilly is the fastest subscription and recurring profit maximization company. This recurring billing software provides the number of payment gateways such as – PayPal, Stripe, Vantiv, Braintree and more.

Rebilly - Subscription management software


Rebilly gives flexible 3 pricing plans that fit your needs and before buying any plan you can use its free trial package.

Entrepreneur Plan

For the organization who generates revenues up to $50,000/month, for them, ENTREPRENEUR Plan is perfect. You can buy this plan at just $149 per month.

Along with this basic charge, you have to pay $0.10 per transaction.

Let’s take an example:-

Suppose your per month transaction is 300 then, the transaction fee will be:

$0.10 per transaction i.e $0.10 x 300 = $30

So, the total per month cost for this plan is:

$149(basic charge) + $30(transaction fee for 300 transactions) = $179

Executive Plan

Similarly, if your business produces revenue up to $150,000 per month then, the cost you need to pay for an EXECUTIVE Plan is $1497 plus $0.10 per transaction.

Then, the actual cost is:

$1497(basic charge) + $30(transaction fee for 300 transactions) = $1527

Enterprise Plan

The price of ENTERPRISE Plan starts from $3000/month for those businesses who generate revenue more than $150,000 for a month. For further pricing detail of this plan contact Rebilly support team.

Rebilly gives you a comprehensive set of powerful features, some of which are explained below:-

  • Multiple Merchant Account Management
    You can manage multiple accounts from dozens to hundreds very easily with Rebilly. In fact, you can also define rules in the rules engine to tell Rebilly that which merchant account is to be used for the transaction.
  • Rich In Reporting & Forecasting
    Besides, this service let you dive deep into your customer, transactions and payment gateways data. And, also gives rich and visual charts in a report, which will help your marketing team to target more profitable segments for your business.
  • Dispute Management System
    The most tedious part of subscription billing – the dispute process, with Rebilly, automate this process. And, it also lets you import chargebacks, generates proper documentation, cancel the subscription and even you can prevent future chargebacks.

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 11. Zuora – Recurring Payment Service

Zuora is an amazing recurring billing and subscription management solution that keeps your customer information, monthly recurring revenue detail, transaction list, etc in a well-managed format.

Zuora - Subscription Management Service


Zuora has many services along with subscription-like analytics, multi-channel commerce, global payments and a lot more. And, if you want to know the pricing plans the contact Zuora support team.

Following are some features of Zuora:-

  • Mix & Match Pricing Strategies
    The pricing strategies are usually the mixture of 7 segments that are billing frequency, upgrades, add-ons, tiers, promos, usage and internationalization. This mix and match strategies are designed to create attractive offers that can retain subscriber and help your business to grow.
  • Provides Clean, Clear & Accurate Invoice
    Zuora provides some services like grouping, subtotals, and conditional logic to design and configure a wide range of invoice template that will help your customer to understand invoices easily.
  • Easily Generates Bills For Complex Accounts Also!
    Further, no matter how many accounts a company has if it wants to receive a combined bill for every account then with Zuora you can easily roll-up recurring billing, invoice ownership, invoice transfer and even payments to match a customer’s billing preference.

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Above you have seen the list of 10+ best subscription management & recurring billing software. So, without wasting any more time to integrate your business with any of these services and let it handle all the subscription & billing task of your business.

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