Top Revenue Management Software

No doubt payment gateways offer decent billing services but they lack in certain functionalities which may occasionally lead to the leak in the revenue stream.

Haven’t you faced this problem already?

Hence it is wise to double-up your business with a reliable revenue management software as it can intelligently manage your recurring billing, invoicing and subscription payment process.

Now comes the cumbersome task to find the perfect revenue management software for your business.

Lucky for you, this blog lists top revenue management software for billing, invoices & payment related processes along with their key features.

Let’s Differentiate Some Top Revenue Management Software

Services Pricing  Multilingual Checkout Page One-Time/Recurring Payments Unlimited Revenue
Pabbly Subscriptions Billing $19/m
Chargify Contact Sales
Chargebee $99/m
Zoho Subscriptions $29/m
Recurly Contact Sales

You may also come across through some revenue management tools through which you will be able to create unlimited subscriptions & generate limitless revenue from them. That’s a neat trick!

Everyone would love this thing. But to keep the suspense into the closet, we’d advise you to read out this article & finalize the best revenue management service according to your needs!

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1. Pabbly Subscriptions Billing

Pabbly Subscriptions Billing is a new yet a robust contender that automates all your manual processes in subscription billing.

This tool offers best-of-breed features for your complete billing needs and with it, you can expect more by giving less. This software is in charge of the entire customer lifecycle and it takes care of accepting payments, handling customer’s subscriptions, generating coupons, promo codes etc.

revenue management software



This tool has 3 pricing plans. All of them doesn’t have a limit on revenue generation.

  • Starter – The Starter plan costs $19/month on a yearly basis & $29 if you choose a monthly plan for up to 500 customers & their unlimited subscriptions.
  • Rookie – For the Rookie plan, you have to pay $29/m (yearly plan) & $59 (monthly plan) for 2000 customers. Also, you can create unlimited plans for your products according to the needs.
  • Pro – It charges $49 per month if you opt for the yearly plan and $99 if you choose a monthly plan. In this plan, you will get to work on unlimited customers from whom you can generate unlimited revenue.


  • Pabbly supports multiple currencies, multiple payment gateways and multiple payment options hence providing global feasibility to your customers.
  • Its PCI-Compliance makes payments even safer for your customers by keeping their credentials safer.
  • Pabbly has an API-Key environment that enables its integration with a variety of platforms.
  • It automates your recurring and one-time payments, and also generate invoices automatically.
  • It has an added feature of automated tax calculation which makes payment a hassle-free task.

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2. Chargebee – A Recurring Billing & Invoicing Software

Chargebee is probably the best software to manage your revenue as this software packs multiple features like subscription billing, dunning management, invoicing, etc.

Revenue Management Software by Chargebee

Pricing –

Chargebee provides affordable pricing plans for new, growing and established businesses.

For New Businesses, Chargebee provides its services for FREE until you generate your first $50K revenue. This plan consists of all the features available in GO plan for growing businesses.

There are three different plans for Growing Businesses

  • Go – $99/month for up to $25K revenue (additional 0.5% on overage revenue).

Note – This is just the basic charge. If you exceed the monthly revenue limit, you will incur additional charges.

For example – If you generate $30K monthly revenue, your overage revenue will be $30K – $25K (monthly revenue mark) = $5K

The total plan will cost you –

$99 (Base price) + 0.5% of $5K (Overage revenue) = $124

  • Rise -$299/month for up to $50K revenue (additional 0.6% on overage revenue) with advanced features.

Similarly, if you yield $60K of monthly revenue, the final cost of this plan will be,

$299 (Base price) + 0.6% of ($60k – $50K) (Overage revenue) = $359

  • Scale – $599/month for up to $75K revenue (additional 0.9% on overage revenue) with all the advanced features.

The final cost of this plan for the monthly revenue of $90K will be,

$599 (Base price) + 0.9% of ($90k – $75K) (Overage revenue) = $734

For the established businesses with bigger needs, you can get in touch with Chargebee’s sales team for custom plan creation.

Features –

  • Revenue management can be effortlessly done as it supports numerous payment gateways depending on your country.
  • With the globalization of business, Chargebee also supports email notifications, hosted pages and invoices in multiple languages.
  • The ever-changing Global Sales Tax can also be implemented through Chargebee recurring billing software.

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3. Chargify – Subscription Billing Software

Another prominent name in the sector of revenue management software is Chargify. It very easily manages the complete life cycle process from signing up to billing them and ultimately to retaining revenue.

Revenue Management Software by Chargify

Pricing –

Chargify offers 30 days free trial period and 3 pricing plans namely,

  • Essential – $149/month + 1.2% of the monthly revenue generated with features like numerous payment gateway integrations, dunning management, reporting, etc.

Please note that the above-mentioned pricing is just the basic price. Let’s understand it with an example –

Suppose you have generated a monthly revenue of $10000, hence the total monthly charge you will incur is –

$149/month (Base price) + 1.2% of $10000 (monthly revenue) = $269

  • Advanced – $299/month + 1.2% of the monthly revenue generated with all the features of the Essential plan and other advanced features like unlimited webhooks, invoicing, etc.

Similarly, the actual cost of this plan will be –

$299/month (Base price) + 1.2% of $10000 (monthly revenue) = $419

  • Enterprise – For the businesses with higher needs, this plan can be custom built by getting in touch with the Chargify sales team.

Features –

  • Chargify provides 20+ payment gateway integration, 24 webhooks and more than 10 third party software.
  • Highly reliable dunning management facilitates proper revenue retention and ensures a low churn rate.
  • This subscription billing software also provides highly descriptive subscription analytics so that you can monitor your business growth.

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4. Recurly – Subscription & Recurring Billing Software

One of the greatest ways to manage your revenue streams is to implement a subscription & recurring billing software like Recurly. The PCI compliant tool along with multiple features will help you monitor your business health as well.

Revenue Management Software by Recurly

Pricing –

Recurly too provides 30 days free trial and offers 3 pricing plans –

  • Core – The most basic plan will cost you $99/mo + 1.25% of the revenue generated + 10¢ per transaction. The plan comprises of features like unlimited automated invoicing, churn prevention, analytics, etc.

Breakdown of pricing plan –

Suppose you have generated a revenue of $10000 through 100 transactions then this plan will cost you –

$99 (Base price) + 1.25% of $10000 (revenue generated) + 10¢ * 100 (Per transaction cost) = $234

  • Professional – This plan includes all the features of Core plan along with additional features such as advanced analytics, manual invoice billing, multiple currencies, etc. with a price tag of $299/mo + 1.25% of the revenue generated + 10¢ per transaction.

Similarly, this plan will cost you –

$299 (Base price) + 1.25% of $10000 (revenue generated) + 10¢ * 100 (Per transaction cost) = $434

  • Enterprise – This plan is for businesses with larger needs and requirements for the pricing plan for which you have to contact the Recurly sales team.

Features –

  • Methodical plan management and dunning process ensures the increase in revenue by 7% and radically reduces churn.
  • Revenue management can also be taken care of its diverse billing models which are fixed recurring, one-time charge, hybrid, usage and seat based.
  • Recurly also provides automated invoicing so that your customers can be charged for their availing services & products.

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5. Zoho Subscriptions – Recurring Payments Tool

Another prolific name in the arena of revenue management software is Zoho Subscriptions. This subscription billing tool not only manages your subscriptions but also watch over the customer lifecycle.

Revenue Management Software by Zoho Subscriptions

Pricing –

Zoho Subscriptions only provide 2 but extremely affordable pricing plans with features such as subscription metrics, hosted payment pages, multiple currencies, dunning management, etc.

  • Standard – $29/month ($290/year for yearly plans) for 500 customers and 3 users per organization.
  • Professional – $69/month ($690/year for yearly plans) for unlimited customers and users per organization.

Features –

  • Zoho Subscriptions offers tons of payment gateway integrations for the hassle-free flow of revenue.
  • The recurring billing system, when combined with dunning management, streamlines customers and revenue retention.
  • The software also provides numerous Zoho add-ons such as Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice for the better understanding of subscription finance.

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6. Rebilly – A Subscription Billing Software

Rebilly ensures maximum profit generation because of its handy recurring billing feature, multiple payment gateway integrations, multi-merchant management and checkout pages.

Rebilly - Top Revenue Management Software

Pricing –

Rebilly offers 4 pricing plans which are designed to meet your business needs. Also, you get 3 months free as an added bonus.

  • Pioneer – This is the most basic plan of Rebilly and is completely free until you generate $1000 revenue in a month.
  • Entrepreneur – This plan is ideal for businesses who generate $50000 monthly revenue and cost $149 + $0.10 per transaction fees.

To get a clearer idea of the actual cost that you would incur in this plan, let me present you a scenario –

Suppose your monthly generate revenue is under $50K and it is generated through 100 transactions in total, then the actual cost of this plan can be calculated as –

$149 (Base cost) + $0.10 * 100 (per transaction fees) = $159

  • Executive -This plan costs $1497/month + $0.10 per transaction fees., valid for revenues up to $150K/month.

Similarly, the actual cost of this pricing plan will be –

$1497 (Base cost) + $0.10 * 100 (per transaction fees) = $1507

  • Enterprise For the businesses who generate monthly revenue of more than $150K in a month, this plan is perfect for them and starts with the price tag of $3000/month.

Features –

  • This revenue management software allows you to collect payments in multiple currencies, which is 140 to be exact.
  • The subscription billing software also automates your bills on the recurring basis so that you don’t have to put in any manual efforts.
  • Rebilly also provides PCI Level 1 compliance which means that all the delicate information is protected.

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7. ChargeOver – A Recurring Billing Software

ChargeOver is one such top revenue management software which can seamlessly monitor your customers, automate their bills, manage their subscriptions and a lot more than this.

ChargeOver - Top Revenue Management Software

Pricing –

ChargeOver provides 4 extremely affordable pricing plans based on your number of active customers and also gives 14 days free trial to test out the software.

  • Starter – This plan will cost you $65/month for active customers up to 50.
  • Basic – For the businesses with customers ranging from 51 – 150, this plan will cost you $115/month.
  • Professional – This plan is perfect for the businesses with 151 – 500 customer range as it cost just $229/month.
  • Commercial – For 500+ active customers, the businesses must contact the sales team to get customized pricing details.

All the plans offer same advanced features like unlimited invoicing, team members, customer and subscription management, etc. It also automatically upgrades or downgrades to subsequent plans if your business crosses the active customer limit.

Features –

  • Just like every other subscription management software, ChargeOver too provides an insightful dashboard and analytics which shows your revenue growth.
  • This recurring billing software allows automation of invoices, bills, receipts and usage details to charge your customers.
  • And, to collect payments, ChargeOver offer numerous payment gateway integrations out of which PayPal and Stripe are the prominent ones.

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8. BlueSnap – Revenue Management Software

No matter if you are running an e-commerce business, B2B or SaaS business, BlueSnap is highly efficient in managing your revenue streams and customers.

BlueSnap - Top Revenue Management Software

Pricing –

In order to know the pricing plan for this top revenue management software, you have to get in touch with the sales team. The plan will include advanced features like a merchant account, subscription/recurring payments, hosted pages, etc.

Features –

  • In order to provide all the support to your global business, BlueSnap offers global payment option with multiple payment gateway integrations and currencies.
  • Another way to increase your revenue streams is to manage your customers and their billing schedules. BlueSnap does both the task single-handedly with its super-effective dunning management system.
  • Also to manage your chargebacks, BlueSnap integrates a fraud prevention mechanism.

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9. Invoicera – An Invoicing & Recurring Billing Software

The software offers automation of your business communication processes like invoicing, recurring billing & notifications, etc. and also keeps tracks of your productivity.

Invoicera - Top Revenue Management Software

Pricing –

For the US-based companies and businesses, Invoicera offers only 1 pricing plan –

  • Pro – For 100 active clients and 1 staff member you would have to pay $15/month. For additional staff member, you have to pay an extra $9/month.

For the Indian businesses, Invoicera has 2 pricing plans –

  • Starter – This plan is completely free for 3 active clients and 1 recurring profiles but with no auto bill recurring and staffs.
  • Pro – This plan will cost you INR 2499/month for unlimited active clients, recurring profiles, auto bill recurring and staffs.

Invoicera offers unlimited access to its services during their 15 days free trial period.

Features –

  • This revenue management software supports multiple currencies and languages for your global business.
  • Invoicera is known for its well-organized invoicing mechanism which can be handled either manually or automatically.
  • Apart from managing subscriptions, it also allows you to manage different companies through a single Invoicera account.

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10. Fusebill – A Subscription Management & Payment Software

Fusebill provides a one-stop solution for all your subscription billing and revenue management needs. The software is simple, flexible and secure to use.

Fusebill - Top Revenue Management Software

Pricing –

Fusebill offers 3 different pricing plans but with the same set of features such as hosted pages, recurring billing, customer segmentation, flexible calendar billing, etc.

  • Start-Up – This plan will cost you $99/month + 1.5% of the generated revenue. The plan will suit your business if you generate less than $1 million ARR.

Let me break down the actual cost of this plan with an example –

Suppose you generate a monthly revenue of $10000 then the total cost of this plan will be –

$99 (Base cost) + 1.5% of $10000 = $249

  • Rapid Growth – This plan is ideal for businesses whose ARR is between $1M – $10M. The plan has variable pricing based on your ARR, starting from $995/month to $2000/month.
  • Enterprise – The plan is regarded best for the businesses who generate $10M+ ARR for the pricing plan of which you have to contact the sales team.

Features –

  • The task of managing your revenue streams can be very easily taken care with Fusebill’s subscription billing feature.
  • Dunning management is incorporated in this software to reduce churn, communicate with customers about their failed payments, expired credit cards, etc.
  • Fusebill also offers advanced features such as projected invoices and predictive billing financial calendar.

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11. Wallee – Recurring Payment & Billing Software

This software is known for providing an extensive toolkit for your revenue management and billing needs. The software offers intelligent payment processing and accounting as other notable features.

Wallee - Top Revenue Management Software

Pricing –

This revenue management tool offers 4 extremely affordable pricing plans namely –

  • Starter – For the most basic plan which is valid only for 300 transactions, you have to pay $4.95/month + $0.23 per extra unit transaction.

For example, if you generate 100 extra transactions apart from the allotted 300 transactions then the actual pricing will be –

$4.95 (Base price) + $0.23 * 100 (per extra unit transaction) = $27.95

  • Advanced – This plan holds the limit of 1000 transaction and comes with the price tag of $14.95/month + $0.16 per extra unit transaction.

Likewise, the actual cost of this plan will be –

$14.95 (Base price) + $0.16 * 100 (per extra unit transaction) = $30.95

  • Business – This plan comes with the base price of $59.90 along with an additional charge of $0.065 per extra unit transaction. Additional charges are applicable if you cross the monthly limit of 4000 transactions.

With 100 extra transactions, the actual cost of this plan will be –

$59.90 (Base price) + $0.065 * 100 (per extra unit transaction) = $66.40

  • Enterprise – For the businesses with higher needs and larger pricing, contact the Wallee sales team as this plan is custom made.

Features –

  • Wallee provides payment slips with reference numbers (ISR payment slips) to collect payments through invoices.
  • This software also provides multiple billing models like fixed recurring, metered, etc. so that your customers can be charged properly.
  • Due to the smart payment routing mechanism, you get effortlessly accept payments from across the world.

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As we all know that managing revenue is one of the key aspects of any business hence to simplify it. This blog lists top revenue management software for billing, invoices & payments so that you can choose the one that suits your business needs and implement it.

Rest assured, the software is guaranteed to streamline your day-to-day manual tasks such as billing, invoicing, etc. and automate them.

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