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As we all know, managing and tracking subscriptions is a headache for SaaS companies.

In today’s competitive world, if you want to run your subscription-based business smoothly then you need to incorporate a right subscription management software for your business. Moreover, these plans must provide you with features like-

  • It can automate your recurring billing process.
  • The software is able to manage your subscriptions.
  • In addition to this, it should also provide the insights on valuable key metrics & reports.
  • Plus, the software should also be able to handle all your payment failures.

So, in this blog, I have covered 10 most popular subscription management tools along with their features and pricing, so that you can select the best software for your business according to your business needs and budget.

“Go Through The Comparison Of Best Subscription Management Tools”

Services Dunning Emails Multilingual Checkout Page Unlimited Revenue Pricing
Pabbly Subscription Billing $19/month
Rebilly $149/month
Recurly Contact Sales


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Now, let’s explore the list of most popular recurring billing & subscription management software one by one:-

1. Pabbly Subscription Billing:- 

While you are on the go investing strenuously in your business, there arises the need for a tool that can serve all your subscription based needs.

Pabbly Subscriptions has implemented all the tweaks in it by sharply cutting down the prices, allowance of unlimited additions etc., to provide you with an extraordinary experience.

With this subscription management tool, you can send dunning emails, invoice billing, set-up unlimited plan and a lot more.

Hence, it can be aptly said a single roof for all your subscription tasks.

Pabbly Subscription Billing


  • Checkout Customizer
    With this feature, you can actually customize the fields of the checkout page. These fields can be the product plan, header, add a customized countdown timer & a lot more. Plus, if you want to change the language of the checkout page, all you gotta do is simply paste the text in the customizer.
  • Sales Analytics
    It provides you with the details regarding sales like the total number of sales, current monthly revenue, customer churn rate, new subscriptions and much more. Therefore, you can manage the transactions at your fingertips.
  • Online Portal & Easy to Understand Dashboard
    In addition to this, Pabbly Subscriptions also provides you with an online portal through which your customers can log in and check their payments and products, can subsequently upgrade or downgrade their plan according to their need.
    Through its intelligible dashboard, you can manage all the subscriptions, payments, products and plans single-handedly in few clicks.

Pricing Packages:-

Pabbly Subscriptions provide you with 3 varied pricing structure. And there are no hidden charges and no boundations on the revenue.

  • The very first plan is for Starter. As per this plan, you can collect unlimited revenue from 500 users plus set up unlimited plans & products. This plan will cost you $19/m on a yearly basis and $39/m on a monthly basis.
  • For the second plan is Rookie and you need to spend $29/month (yearly plan) & $59/month (monthly plan). Besides, you can also collect one-time or recurring payments from up to 2000 users.
  • Whereas, the Pro plan will cost you $49/month if you opt for yearly plan and $99/month if you opt for a monthly plan. Also, you can provide a client portal to your clients, invoice billing, send dunning emails and a lot more.
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2. Chargify:-

Chargify is a wondrous billing software which handles all complexities of subscription including recurring payments, order management, dunnings, client communication and much more.

Moreover, this software works with 20+ payment processors such as PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, Braintree, QuickPay, etc.



  • Churn Analysis
    With the help of this software, you can deeply understand all the various churn rate like subscriber churn, MRR churn, gross MRR churn, etc. that affect your subscription business.
  • Customer Portal
    By using the customer portal, customers can upgrade or downgrade products, access billing history, update personal information and manage account related information.
  • Automate Customer Communication
    Automatically communicate with your customers throughout the entire subscription life-cycle events.

Pricing Packages:-

Chargify provides three pricing tiers namely Essential, Advanced and Enterprise plan with 30 days free trial.

  • Essential Plan:- In the essential plan, you would be charged $149 per month plus 1.2% of the revenue that you have generated in that month.

For example:- Suppose, you have generated $20000 in a month then you have to pay-

Basic cost ($149) + 1.2 % of the $20000 (revenue)

$149 + $240 = $389

  • Advanced Plan:- Under this plan, you would be charged $299 plus 1.2% of the revenue generated.

Eg. Similarly, for this plan, calculations will be:-

$299 + $240 = $539

You have to pay $539 for the advanced plan.

  • Enterprise Plan:- For enterprise plan, you need to contact Chargify sales team.

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3. Zoho:-

Zoho is the smartest recurring billing and subscription management software which manages the entire customer lifecycle, from initial customer acquisition to subscription billing lifecycle.

Further, the Indian edition of Zoho subscription supports only two payment gateways which are PayPal and Razorpay.



  • Business Dashboard
    Zoho provides an informative dashboard which shows all important key metrics like MRR, ARPU, LTV trends, net revenue for the current month, payment failures and much more.
  • Coupons & Discount
    By using this software, you can create coupons and promos for your customer for one time or a certain period of time.
  • Self-Service Facility
    Customer portal gives self-serve facility to your customer by which one can update their personal information & credit card details, upgrade or downgrade their plan, cancel and change their existing plans etc.

Pricing Package:-

Zoho offers two pricing tier which can be charged monthly or yearly basis. Both the plans come with multi-currency support, dunning management, subscription metrics, multiple payment gateways etc.

  • Standard Plan:- In standard plan, you would be charged $29 per month ( $290 on an annual basis ) for 500 customers and 3 user access.
  • Professional Plan:- Under this plan, you have to pay $69 per month ($690 on an annual basis) for unlimited customers and users.

Pricing For Indian Edition:-

  • Monthly Professional Plan:- Under this plan, you have to pay 900 rupees per month where you can manage unlimited customers, unlimited user access along with all features.
  • Yearly Professional Plan:- While for the yearly plan, you have to pay 4999 rupees per year where you can manage unlimited customers, unlimited user access along with all features.

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Pabbly Subscription Billing

4. Aria:-

Aria is an amazing recurring customer and billing management software through which you can manage the entire subscription journey easily and efficiently.

Moreover, you can integrate this software with 15+ payment processors such as PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, Braintree and a lot more.



  • Automated Billing
    This subscription management software automates all your recurring payments and subscription which reduce human error and streamlines process, so you can focus on your business.
  • Get Real-Time Analytics
    Also, get deeper insights into your products and customers that help you to understand your business trends and also strengthen customer retention.
  • Dunning Management
    Aria’s dunning process handle all your customer communications such as failed transaction, expired credit cards, and past due invoices.

Pricing Package:-

Reach out to Aria’s sales team for more details on pricing packages for your business.

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5. Fusebill:-

Fusebill is magnificent membership management software which automates all aspects of SaaS business. These aspects can be recurring payments, revenue recognition, provisioning, catalog management and a lot more.



  • Flexible Subscription Catalog
    You can easily control the type of payments, billing frequencies, add-ons, upgrades or downgrades, promos/discounts, product expiry and much more with Fusebill’s subscription catalog.
  • Customizable Invoices
    With Fusebill’s invoicing engine, you can customize invoices and statements according to your requirements, posted & drafted invoices are fully editable and much more.
  • Subscription Analytics & Reports
    Moreover, Fusebill also gives you valuable deep insights and reports through which you can see how your business performed yesterday, last week, last month or even last year.

Pricing Package:-

  • Start-Up Plan:- In Start-up plan, you would be charged you $99 per month plus 1.5% of the revenue. The plan is for those businesses whose annual recurring revenue up to $1M.

For instance:- Suppose, your business generates $10000 revenue in a month then calculation will be:-

Base price ($99) + 1.5% of $10000

$99 + $15 = $114

So you have to pay $114 for a start-up plan.

  • Rapid-Growth Plan:- If your business revenue $1M to $10M then rapid growth plan is the best plan for you.

$1M – $3M annual revenue – $995/month

$3M – $5M annual revenue – $1250/month

$5M – $7M annual revenue – $1500/month

$7M – $9M annual revenue – $1750/month

$9M – $10M annual revenue – $2000/month

  • Enterprise Plan:- If your business annual recurring revenue more $10M then, Enterprise plan is the best option for you. For pricing, you have to contact the FuseBill sales team.

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Pabbly Subscription Billing

6. ChargeOver:-

ChargeOver is a web-based recurring billing platform which automates recurring billing and subscription task. So, now you get everything that you need to run your subscription-based business smoothly.



  • Churn Report
    The customer churn report shows customers who canceled their subscription for various plans or products and hence you can easily track customer cancellations as well as churn rate.
  • Cash Flow:-
    The daily cash flow report shows you how much money is coming in and going out (due to refunds) per day throughout the year, so you are always updated about your business health.
  • Create Plans:-
    With the help of this software, you can create plans in multiple currencies so that your customers easily choose their preferred denomination.

Pricing Packages:-

ChargeOver offers you four different pricing packages with 14 days free trial.

  • Starter Plan:- Starter plan will charge you $65 per month where you can manage up to 50 active customers.
  • Basic Plan:- The basic plan costs $115 per month which allows you to manage 150 active customers in a month.
  • Professional Plan:- Under this plan, you can manage up to 500 active customers and it will charge you $229 per month.
  • Commercial Plan:- The Commercial plan is the best option for those businesses who have more than 500 active customers, for pricing, you have to contact ChargeOver sales team.

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7. Paymotion:-

Paymotion is a powerful auto billing platform which takes care of all aspects of subscription-based businesses. Besides, it also provides you with all the important key metrics such as MRR, ARR, ARPU, user churn etc. Consequently, it will help you to understand your business performance.



  • Support Multi-Currency & Payment Methods
    This subscription management software supports 33 currencies, and 15 payment methods, thus allowing your customer to pay in any currency by using their preferred payment method.
  • Customer Self Service
    Paymotion’s customer self-serve functionality allows your customer to look up their purchase history, print receipts, update payment information, manage subscription and much more.
  • Real-Time Reporting
    By using this tool, you can track your customer’s subscription activities like renewals, upgrades or downgrades, signups, cancellation and a lot more.

Pricing Packages:-

For the pricing packaging, you need to get in touch with the service provider.

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8. FastSpring:-

FastSpring is a powerful subscription billing management software. Furthermore, it automates your recurring payments, subscription, customer communication and many other aspects of the subscription lifecycle events.



  • Product Setup
    You can manage subscription product data and behavior such as product name, product image, price, size of the product image etc via Product menu.
  • Unambiguous Invoices
    Automatically sends accurate and unambiguous invoices to your customers, so that they are always being updated about each payment transactions.
  • Automated Dunning
    If your customer’s payment card is going to expire, then ChargeOver automatically sends a notification to your customer and request them to update their payment information.

Pricing Packages:-

FastSpring provides you three pricing packages namely Pay as you grow, business and enterprise plan. All these plans cover all common features, support multiple currencies, languages, and payment method. To know the pricing, you have to get in touch with the FastSpring sales team.

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9. Hiveage:-

Hiveage is an affordable cloud-based subscription management software. It automates your recurring fees, subscription and provides you with valuable KPIs. Thereby, you can see how your business is doing.

Further, this software supports a number of payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, Braintree, WePay, RazorPay, Securepay and much more.



  • Send Invoices Quickly
    In just a few clicks, you can design elegant and professional invoices for your customer and send them automatically to your customers.
  • Flexible Scheduling
    With the help of this software, you can automatically charge subscription payments on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis and even send elegant invoices for recurring payments.
  • Financial Reports
    Get all your financial metrics such as MRR, ARR, net revenue, deferred revenue etc at your fingertips.

Pricing Package:-

Hiveage offers four different plans such as Starter, Basic, Studio, and company plans. All these plans come with 14 days free trials.

  • Starter Plan:- In starter plan, you would be charged $19 per month and gives you all features with 2 staff member access, 1 GB file storage, 250 recurring profiles, and 50 auto-billing storage.
  • Basic Plan:- Under this plan, you will get all features, 5 staff member access, 2 GB file storage, 500 recurring profiles, 100 auto-billing profiles in just $39/mo.
  • Studio Plan:- Studio plan charges you $69 in a month and provides all features, 10 staff member access, 1000 recurring profiles, 250 auto-billing profiles and 4 GB file storage.
  • Company Plan:- Company plan costs you $99 per month and provides you all features plus 20 staff member access, unlimited recurring profiles, 500 auto-billing profiles and 8 GB file storage.

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10. Vindicia:-

Vindicia is fully customizable subscription billing software which makes recurring payments easier and more automatic for your customers. From accepting recurring payments to subscription billing lifecycle. It does all the tasks for you.



  • Accept Multiple Payment Method
    Vindicia accepts multiple payment methods including credit/debit cards, PayPal, ACH, Amazon Payments, Apple Pay and many others.
  • Churn Analysis
    With this help of this software, you can analyze and manage customer churn and maximize customer lifetime value.
  • Handle Failed Payment Transaction
    Automatically handle payment failures issues and send a notification to your customer about the failed transaction.

Pricing Packages:-

You have to contact Vindicia’s sales vendor for pricing information.

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11. Paid:-

Paid is a modern subscription billing platform for all kind of business who wants to automate their recurring fees and subscription task. This billing software works with only two payment processor which is PayPal and Stripe.



  • Invoicing
    Automate your invoicing process and sends recurring bills and payments notification to your customers in real time.
  • Auto Payment Collections
    By using this software, you can charge your customer on daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis.
  • Multiple Payment Method
    This system supports multiple payment methods including PayPal, Stripe, wire card, switch, solo etc, so your customer easily chooses their preferred payment method.

Pricing Packages:-

  • Free Plan:- Free plan allows you to generate 10 invoices in a month. If you want to generate more invoices then you need to switch your plan.
  • Pay As You Go Plan:- Under this plan, you would be charged $1 per invoices, so if there are 40 invoices that have been generated then you have to pay $40.
  • Enterprise Plan:- Enterprise is a custom plan. If you have generated more than 100 invoices in a month then you need to contact the Paid sales team for pricing.

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Above I have mentioned 10 most popular subscription management tools which manage your customer subscriptions journey easily and efficiently. If you run a subscription-based business then you have to adopt a subscription management tool for your business. Hence, you can focus on your business.

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Lastly, thanks for reading!