Pabbly Connect is a strong and top automation platform that provides integrations across 1000+ applications. It lets you automate your business processes without manual efforts and zero coding skills. Moreover, it is the only platform that gives you unrestricted access to all features across all plans.

Following are the points of its distinctiveness and variance with Make (Formerly Integromat), a Pabbly Connect alternative that allows you to visualize, design, and automate your work.

1.  Make (Formerly Integromat) consumes 2X tasks for each workflow execution because it charges you for both Trigger and Actions. In Pabbly Connect, Triggers are not chargeable.

Let’s say, you have a simple automation workflow that collects data from Jotform and sends the same data to Google Sheets.

Now in Pabbly Connect, this simple workflow to send data from Jotform to Google Sheets will cost you 1 task as the trigger is free inside Pabbly Connect.

However, in the case of Make (Formerly Integromat), the same workflow will cost you 2 operations as they count both triggers (receiving data from Jotform) and action (sending data to Google Sheets).

This means for each execution cycle, you will have to spend 2X the number of tasks/operations compared to Pabbly Connect.

Trigger in Pabbly Connect

Operations - top automation platform

2.  Each check for new data costs you an operation inside Integromat (Make).  All checks to look for new data are free in Pabbly Connect.

All automation platforms keep on checking the external platforms to see if there is any new data on the external platform. They do these checks every 5-10 minutes so that any new fresh data is fetched and the workflow execution can happen.

In Make (Formerly Integromat) every check to identify new data through polling is counted in operations.

E.g. if the trigger runs to check any new data on Facebook Lead Ads every 10 minutes in a day, it will be counted as 6 Checks every hour * 24 Hours = 144 operations. This will be equivalent to 4320 operations per month. 

If you have 10 automation workflows in your account, it will be equivalent to 43200 operations irrespective of any new data or not.

We made it simple in Pabbly Connect. We never charge for any data checks at all. This means you save a lot of tasks every month.

Pabbly Connect


3.  Make (Formerly Integromat) charges for the paths/routers while creating scenarios. While Pabbly Connect does not charge for routers at all.

Pabbly Connect does not charge for routers/paths at any point while creating the automation workflows across the plans.

While they are charged in Make (Formerly Integromat) each time you apply a router while creating scenarios and thus counted in operations on each execution.

Moreover, Pabbly Connect allows you to add multiple routers in a single automation workflow.

4.  Adding a team member feature is only available in the Teams plan in Make (Formerly Integromat). Whereas it is accessible to all in Pabbly Connect.

Teams feature is accessible at 34$/month and further enterprise-level plans in Make (Formerly Integromat) which makes it difficult to add members to use and create automation workflows as a team.

This is a must-have feature for businesses to keep track of business operations efficiently, for which they have to move to a higher plan in Make.

While it is accessible across all plans including free sign-ups as well in Pabbly Connect. 

Integromat vs Pabbly Connect


5.  Access to apps is bifurcated as per plans in Make (Formerly Integromat) while in Pabbly Connect all apps are accessible across all the plans.

 Make (Formerly Integromat) does not allow access to all the applications and has bifurcated their accessibility according to the plans. And all the premium apps are available in the most higher-level plans.

Whereas there is no restriction to access all the 850+applications even in the free plan in Pabbly Connect. And there is no bifurcation of applications as well.

6.  Create and share scenarios are only available at teams and enterprise-level plans in Make (Formerly Integromat).

Create and share scenarios are only available at teams and enterprise-level plans in Make (Formerly Integromat) which restricts the usage of the application to an extent. And you have to buy a higher-level plan to access the feature.

Whereas there are no such restrictions in Pabbly Connect, you can create, share and clone the scenarios across all the plans including the free sign-up.

Integromat vs Pabbly Connect

Integromat Alternatives

7.  Pabbly Connect has an extensive video library to guide users to make workflows with ease whereas Make (Formerly Integromat) has generic textual help.

Pabbly Connect has an extensive video library of 3500+ videos on different use-case scenarios and also on different application integrations which are much simpler to understand and execute.

Here’s the link to the YouTube Channel.

While Make (Formerly Integromat) has textual help to create automation workflows through generic templates and use-cases.

Automation Platform

8.  The Delay Module of Pabbly Connect is available with no limits and restrictions while this feature is not available in Make (Formerly Integromat).

Pabbly Connect offers a Delay Module with no limits and restrictions to delay any particular event to a certain point time in the future.

E g. If an event has to be delayed by 30 days to a certain time in the future, you can easily execute such use-cases using the delay module in Pabbly Connect. 

Note that you are not going to find any delay module in Make (Formerly Integromat).

9.  A range of internal tasks is not counted under task consumption in Pabbly Connect. Make (Formerly Integromat) charges for all of them.

A range of internal tasks are not counted under tasks consumption in Pabbly Connect and are provided for free in workflow execution whereas they all are counted in Make (Formerly Integromat), which adds to your operations under each scenario execution.

Pabbly Connect does not eat up too many tasks to run your workflow, which eventually saves you a lot of tasks in executing a workflow.

Internal tasks - Pabbly Connect

10.  Pabbly Connect offers WhatsApp Cloud API Integration to set automation workflows across different applications.

 Pabbly Connect offers WhatsApp Cloud API integration which is widely used by users in different industries to automate business operations.

You will not find this integration in Make (Formerly Integromat) to create automation workflows.

WhatsApp Cloud API - Integromat

WhatsApp Cloud API - Pabbly Connect

11.  Pabbly Connect has more facile and simple navigation than Make (Formerly Integromat).

The interface is simpler to navigate across the application in Pabbly Connect than in Make. It is more facile to get a clearer understanding in layman’s terms of the entire functioning of the application in both visual and language terms. 

 Pabbly Connect is simpler to understand and execute even for beginners and businesses starting to automate, with simple navigation and video tutorials for specific use-cases. 

Make (Formerly Integromat) has a little complex to understand and execute interface with generic written guides to understand the application.


Trigger & Action - Pabbly Connect


The above pointers not only project the variance of Pabbly Connect with Make (Formerly Integromat) but also efficiently put up its accessibility across a wider audience base around the globe.

You can sign-up for the trial account of Pabbly Connect and get 100 tasks every month.

Moreover, Pabbly Connect is currently offering one time plans as well i.e. you will  just need to pay once and you will get access to Pabbly Connect for lifetime, without bearing any recurring fees at all.

You can get the Pabbly Connect one time plan at a pretty straight price of $249. Grab your Pabbly Connect Lifetime deal before it ends. Buy it now!