Ideal For: All the groundnut farmers, hawkers, AMPC, cottage industries and other merchants can use this method to sell processed groundnut online.

Why Choose this Method for Selling Over any Other Solution?

Unlike any other solution, this method allows you to:

  • List and sell processed groundnut for FREE. Absolutely no payment required.
  • No commission deducted on sales.
  • Collect payment through multiple payment modes from a single checkout page.
  • Sell one time or recurring subscriptions of your processed groundnut.
  • Sell and collect payment in any currency as per your requirement.
  • Give discounts on your products by offering special coupon codes.
  • Add sales commission agents to help you in selling your processed groundnut.

Get Pabbly Subscription Billing for Free

Processed groundnut is good for human health as it is cholesterol-free and low in trans-saturated fats but rich in proteins. However, groundnuts cultivation is mostly confined to countries like India and China. And therefore growers from these areas are increasingly selling processed groundnut online to get better demands from around the world.

Why would you like to sell processed groundnut online?

The obvious advantage is higher price discovery for your groundnuts from a global audience. Other benefits include better tracking of your revenues, no commission to middlemen, flexible working hours, etc.  Now that I got you interested to sell processed groundnut online let me show you the tool for it.

Here in this article, we will be using an online tool called Pabbly Subscription Billing that can build incredible checkout pages for you to sell products and collects payment in both offline/online mode. Other benefits of using this software are

  • Unlimited Product Listing
  • Create Unlimited Plans, Coupons & Discounts
  • Generate Unlimited Revenues
  • Import/ Export Customer Data
  • Automatic Reattempts on Card Declines
  • Revenue Analytics
  • Tax Management
  • Auto Email Notification on Payment Failure/ Completion
  • Custom Domains

With these listed features, you will have a better competitive advantage over your peers. So why wait? lets together build an awesome checkout page to sell processed groundnut online.

This is How your Checkout Page will Look Like After Creation

checkout  to Sell Processed Groundnut Online

Preview Checkout Page

Step 1: Log in to Pabbly Subscription Billing


Browse in your search engine for  Pabbly Subscription Billing and here click on “Sign up Free“. So, sign-in using your Gmail account or fill in the mandatory blanks like name, email, etc and then click the “Sign Up” button.

Sign Up For Free!

Step 2: Select Subscription Billing

Access Subscription Billing

Once you sign in you will straight away enter into the dashboard. And here you will have to click on the “Access Now” button on the Subscription Billing option.

Step 3: Account Setup

Setup Account

A dialogue box will appear in front of you that will require you to fill the company details like name, currency, and phone number. Now, press the “Continue” button after filling in the details.

Step 4: Connect Payment Gateways To Sell Processed Groundnut Online

Connect Payment Gateway

Pabbly Subscription ensures a smooth payment experience because it gives a fake payment gateway where you pre-test the payment experience of a customer and diagnose the problems in advance. You can do this by clicking on the “Enable Test Payment” option.

Also, you can integrate multiple payment gateways like Stripe, Razorpay, PayPal,, etc. There are integration guides available beneath this paragraph. But since we have to set up the payment process, we will click on the “Enable Test Payment” option.

Step 5: Add Your Product

Add Product

Now let us add the products. Beneath the “Enable Payments,” you will find the section “Add your product” click on it. This will generate a dialog box with a blue button “Add New Product”. Click it.

This will generate a pop-up box and you have to add the required product title, in this case, it is the ‘processed groundnut’.

Add Products to Sell Processed Groundnut Online

Fill up the details and your product is created.

Note: Here you can add all the products related to the similar category by creating plans for each of them.

Step 6: Add Plans

Now, we are going to create plans to start processed groundnut business online.

(a) Select Add New Plan

Add Plan

(b) Specify the Plan & Pricing Details

Add Plans to Sell Processed Groundnut Online

Add details of the product related to prices like plan name, code, price, setup fees, etc. Moreover, add billing models according to your wish.

(c) Add Image & Description

Add Description to Sell Processed Groundnut Online

Take some good snaps of your ground nuts and upload it

Moreover, add a description about the ground nuts like packaging,  etc in preferably bullet points then press the “Submit” button.

Furthermore, using the same methods, you can list more products.

Step 7: Share your Checkout Page

Share Checkout Page on Social Media

  • Now for the product marketing, you can share the checkout pages on Facebook or Twitter with the given buttons.
  • For more brand awareness and marketing embed these checkout pages in SMS and Whatsaap.
  • Furthermore, create buttons on your website to insert these checkout pages on them. Also, you can place it on any anchor text on your website, so the users will be redirected to the checkout page.

Step 8: Preview Checkout Page

Follow up these steps to preview checkout page:

(a) Click on the View Button

View Checkout Plan

(b) Take a Look at the Checkout Page

Preview of checkout to Sell Processed Groundnut Online

Step 9: Embed Checkout Page in Site & Sell Processed Groundnut Online

Embed Checkout Page on Website

Now,  copy the embed plan link to insert the checkout page on your WordPress website.

(a) Edit the Page & Paste the Copied Link


Now, when the link is copied, then paste it to the text area of the editor.

(b) Save & Publish the Checkout Page


After pasting the code, now hit the ‘Publish’ button. Your checkout page is embedded.

(c) Check out the Final Look of your Checkout Page on WordPress Site

Embed on WordPress to Sell Processed Groundnut Online

Step 10: Multiplan Checkout Page

Note: In case you want to sell multiple products via a single checkout page, you can create a multi-plan checkout page otherwise skip this step.

(a) Click on Add Mutiplan Checkout

Multiplan Checkout

(b) Add Plans to Sell Processed Groundnut Online from Single Checkout Page

Multiplan to Sell Processed Groundnut Online

(c) Take a Look at the Checkout Page

Multiplan Checkout  to Sell Processed Groundnut Online

Preview Checkout Page

Wrapping Up

Finally !! You learned how to sell processed groundnut online by building checkout pages in Pabbly Subscription Billing. This software will be your best man to nail all kinds of online business and give you an edge over your competitors.

But despite being easy some of you may have doubts regarding the steps. Hence you can always connect with us to solve your doubts through mail or comment section. Thank You !!

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