Have you ever wondered about a way, if you can get SMS notifications for every WooCommerce purchase? If yes, then you have come to the right place, as here we have a perfect solution for all your problems called Pabbly Connect.

How to get SMS Notifications for Every WooCommerce Purchase

This amazing software allows you to integrate several apps so that you can automate all the projects by creating workflow only once. However, if you are a WooCommerce store owner and want to receive the notifications on every single purchase made on your shop, then you can choose any of the SMS sending software such as Twilio, IBulkSMS, etc to integrate with WooCommerce using Pabbly Connect. However, in this blog, I am choosing the app name “Twilio” to get notifications on every online purchase.

Why Choose This Method Of Integration?

In contrast with other integration services-

  • Pabbly Connect does not charge you for its in-built apps like filters, Iterator, Router, Data transformer, and more
  • Create “Unlimited Workflows” and smoothly define multiple tasks for each action
  • As compared to other services which offer 750 tasks at $24.99, Pabbly Connect proffers 50000 tasks in the starter plan of $29 itself
  • Unlike Zapier, there’s no restriction on features. Get access to advanced features even in the basic plan
  • Try before you buy! Before spending your money, you can actually signup & try out the working of Pabbly Connect for FREE

Sign Up To Pabbly Connect

Moreover, Pabbly Connect offers you many amazing features such as:

  • Unlimited workflows without any restrictions
  • Formatters
  • Unlimited triggers & actions to those triggers
  • Path Routers
  • Filters

and what’s more amazing about this service is that it permits you to access all the features even in its free plan.

Therefore, without wasting any of your time, let’s get on how to get SMS notification on every WooCommerce purchase.

Step 1: Sign up to Pabbly Connect

Sign Up

Let’s begin the process to get SMS when a sale happens in WooCommerce account by clicking on the “Sign Up Free” icon on the Pabbly Connect home page. Subsequently, either manually fill-up all the details or sign up using your Gmail account.

Try Pabbly Connect for FREE

Step 2: Access Pabbly Connect

Select Connect

Afterward, just click on the “Access Now” button of the Connect section in the dashboard.

Step 3: WorkFlow for WooCommerce and Twilio Integration

(a) Start with a New Workflow

Create New Workflow

Start with creating a workflow for your project by pressing the ‘Create New Workflow’ button.

(b) Name the Workflow

Name the Workflow to get SMS Notifications for Every WooCommerce Purchase

After that, you need to add a name to the workflow just like in the above-shown image. I named the workflow as “WooCommerce with Twilio”, you can obviously name the workflow as per your needs.

Step 4: Setting Trigger for WooCommerce and Twilio Integration

After creating a workflow, now its time to select the application you want to integrate. Using Pabbly Connect, you can integrate any two or more than two applications, create your free account now.

(a) Select Application you Want to Integrate

Select Application you Want to Integrate

Now, you have to select the application that you want to integrate. In this case, we are choosing “WooCommerce” for integration. Next, after selecting the application, choose “Order Created” from the choose method section.

(b) Copy the Webhook URL

Copy the Webhook URL

Once you select the application, simply copy the webhook URL as shown in the above image to take further the integration process.

Step 5: Connecting WooCommerce to Pabbly Connect

In order to connect WooCommerce with Pabbly Connect, just paste the copied Webhook URL in the software, and to do that, you have to log in to your WordPress account.

(a) Go to WooCommerce Settings

Go to WooCommerce Settings

Once you have logged into your WordPress account, press on the WooCommerce then select “Settings”.

(b) Click on Advanced Option

Click on Advanced Option

Afterward, tap on “Settings”, then a screen will pop up with different options, here you have to select “Advanced” option.

(c) Click on Webhooks Option

Click on Webhooks Option

After pressing on the ”Webhooks”, simply tap on the “Add Webhook” option.

(d) Add Webhook

Add Webhook

Now, add the name to the Webhook & change the status to “Active”. Also, in the topic section, select “Order Created”. Then in the delivery URL, simply paste your copied URL from Pabbly Connect. Once you make all changes, hit the “Save Webhook” button.

(e) Make a Purchase

Make a Purchase

Afterward, its time for you to make a dummy purchase by opening the product checkout page in a new tab. Just enter all the details & hit the “Place Order” button. But before that, you need to go back to the Pabbly Connect dashboard & click on the “Capture Webhook Response” button.

Step 6: Test the Response in Pabbly Connect Dashboard

Send Test Request

Subsequently, in order to see the response of WooCommerce data, just go to the Pabbly Connect dashboard. Voila!! The entry has been captured in the Pabbly Connect dashboard. Afterward, just tap on the “Save” option.

Step 7: Setting Action for WooCommerce and Twilio Integration

Once you are done setting up the trigger, the next step is to set-up the action to integrate WooCommerce with Twilio.

(a) Select Application you Want to Integrate

Select Twilio

Later, in order to set and action, the former step is to click on the (+) button below and select the application that you wish to integrate. Here we have chosen “Twilio” to integrate.

(b) Click the Connect Button

Click on Connected with Twilio

Once you are done choosing the application, just hit on the “Connect with Twilio” button to move further.

Step 8 : Connecting Twilio to Pabbly Connect

Henceforth, in order to connect Twilio to Pabbly Connect, you have to enter the account SID as well as the authorization token of your Twilio account in the Pabbly Connect dashboard. Therefore, you have to first log in to your Twilio account.

(a) Copy Authorization Token

Copy API token

Moving forward, now its time to click on “Setting” in your Twilio dashboard so that you can copy the account SID & authorization token. After pressing the “Settings” button, just tap on “General”, here you will find the required details. Just copy these details to move forward.

(b) Add Account SID and Authorization Token

Paste API Token

Furthermore, now you have to just paste the account SID along with the authorization token in the Pabbly Connect dashboard. Later on, just press the “Save” button.

(c) Add Field Data

Add Field Data to get SMS Notifications for Every WooCommerce Purchase

Once you are done saving your workflow, add all the required details.

(d) Save and Send Test Request

Save and Send Test Request to get SMS Notifications for Every WooCommerce Purchase

After adding up all field data, simply press the button named “Send Test Request”.

Step 9: Check the Response

Check the Response to get SMS Notifications for Every WooCommerce Purchase

Hereabouts, as you can see now, the integration was successful & the SMS has been sent to you automatically with all the sale details. Now, whenever a purchase is going to made in your WooCommerce account, you will get notifications through SMS automatically with sales details. Isn’t it Great!!

Conclusion –

Congratulations! Now that you have learned how to get SMS Notifications for every WooCommerce purchase. Thus, now you can integrate any applications via Pabbly Connect to automate your entire workflow without any coding skills. Pabbly Connect helps you to automate your projects to save yourself from wasting a lot of time & effort. Consequently, signup for a free account now to experience the best integration service. Besides, if you have any doubts or suggestions, do write to us in the comments below. We will get back to you ASAP.

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