“Use web form builders & gather leads, bookings & orders in a couple of minutes!

Web Form Builders

Do you think creating web forms is a tough and time-consuming task???

I bet your answer would be YES!

After reading this article, you will not only change your answer but will also find form creation process a fun task.

To spare your time and efforts to find a reliable form builder, we have collected a list of 5+ best web form builders that offers you tons of advanced functions by which you can create attractive and professional payment forms in few minutes.

Even some of these software allow to create forms in multiple languages in order to gather international leads too. Isn’t it intersting?

Apart from it, all these software can be integrated with giant payment processors like PayPal & Stripe so you can receive your one-time and recurring payments securely.

So just surf down into this article & choose the best web form builder according to your needs.

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Have A Look At Comparison Chart

Services Pricing  SSL Encryption Custom Branding Multi-User Access Ratings
FormGet $5/M 5.0/5.0
   Pabbly Forms $5/M 4.8/5.0
Zoho Forms $10/M 4.5/5.0
Cognito Forms $10/M 4.3/5.0
123ContactForm $24.99/M 4.0/5.0

1. FormGet:-

FormGet is an online form builder software which allows you to design professional web forms that fit your company brand and website. This software allows you to collect one-time as well as recurring payments with just a couple of clicks.

It offers secure & easy payment options such as PayPal and Stripe. Through them, one can collect payments in different currencies from around the world without any restrictions.

 If you are looking for a software that would help you to create online forms with ease, then FormGet is worth considering. It is the only platform where you can collect unlimited leads for a lifetime – that too for FREE.

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FormGet Web Form Builders

Pricing Plans:-

Free:- This is a FREE plan where you are able to create single form & collect leads.

Starter:- In this plan, the annual charges would be $5 per month where you can create 1 form, collect 1200 leads/month, 1 user access & many more.

Rookie:- Under this plan, you have to pay $35/mo and create 25 forms, embed to 5 domains, 2 GB file uploads, plus everything that you have in plan 2.

Pro:– In this plan, you would be charged $79 on the monthly basis in which you will get to create unlimited forms, leads & have the access to priority support.

Advance:- This is its last plan which costs monthly $99 with features like limitless forms, Google Analytics integration, custom branding & so on.


Share Your Form:-

You can embed its into your website by using a simple code and share it via link on social networking site. Also, you will be able to manage all your entries from any device.

Track Your Form Performance:

This form builder software also provides you form analytics feature to track the growth of your form in the network.

Apply Conditional Logic:

It’s smart conditional logic feature allows you to show or hide section based on the user selection. This makes your form short and user-friendly.

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2. Pabbly Forms:-

Pabbly Forms is a form creator web-based tool through which one can design multiple types of forms just by using drag & drop functionality. Also, it allows your users to upload & send any file to you through the file upload option. This is how you can gather lead’s data in a much smarter way.

Web Form Builders by Pabbly Forms

Pricing Plans:-

Free:- This plan will allow you to create 1 form, collect 1200 leads on monthly basis, 6 months upload storage functionality at ‘$0’ price.

Starters:- It costs only $5/month where you will get to create 1 form & then embed it into 10 domains without any restriction.

Rookie:- This plan charges $35 on monthly basis in order to create 25 forms with 5 payment accounts functionality, 5 user access & many more.

Pro:- The Pro plan has a single monthly charge of $79 with unlimited form creations, 60k monthly submissions, 10 users access & a lot more features.

Advance:- At last, this plan is for big scale businesses as it charges $99 per month. After purchasing it, one can create unlimited forms along with collecting leads, domain embedding without any limit.


Email Notification System:

Whenever a person makes a payment or books any item or service through your form, you will immediately get an email notification about it. This is what makes this tool a smart & dynamic form builder.

Sliding/Pop Forms:

If you want to save space on your website then you can try to create sliding or popup forms. They take very less area on your webpage & makes your website look elegant.

Gather International Bookings:

If you have an overseas business & want to collect leads then you can create forms in multiple languages. So, you won’t be able to lose even a single client of any region around the globe.

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3. Zoho Forms:-

Zoho is a digital form maker tool with which you can design any kind of forms by using drag and drop editor. Also, you can embed these forms on your website or use them on your social networking site via a link.

Web Form Builders by Zoho Forms

Pricing Plan:-

Basic Plan:- The basic plan will charge you $96 per year ($10 on monthly basis ) where you can design unlimited forms, get 10,000 form submissions in a month, 1 user access, unlimited reports, payment integration, and 500 MB storage.

Standard Plan:- Under the standard plan, you would be charged $240 per year ($25 on monthly basis) where you can create unlimited forms, get 25,000 form submissions in a month, 10 users access, payment integration along with 2 GB file storage.

Professional Plan:- The yearly charges for the professional plan is $480 ($50 on monthly basis). Here, you can create unlimited forms, get 75,000 form submissions in a month, 25 users access, payment integration plus 5 GB storage.

Premium Plan:- The premium plan costs you $960 per year ($100 on monthly basis) where you will get 100 users access, unlimited form creation, 150,000 form submissions in a month, 10 GB file storage etc.

Zoho also provides you a free plan where you can create 3 forms, get 500 form submission in a month, unlimited reports plus 200 MB file storage.


Analytics & Reports:-

This software provides you comprehensive analytics metrics such as page views, entries, error score, and conversion rate through which you can analyze your form performance and find out where changes are required.

Get Email Notification:-

You will get email alerts on every form submissions and also send out personalized emails to your respondents automatically.


Integrate your form with a secure payment processor like PayPal, Stripe, and 2Checkout, so you can collect your payments and donations online easily.

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Pabbly Form Builder

4. Cognito Forms:-

Cognito forms – an awesome web form maker software which allows you to create attractive and beautiful forms through which you can collect customer’s one-time and recurring payments, gather customer information, generate leads and much more.

Web Form Builders by Cognito Forms

Pricing Plan:-

Individual Plan:- It is a Free plan, where you are able to create unlimited forms, get 100MB storage, 1 user access and 500 entries per month.

Pro Plan:- In the pro plan, you would be charged $10 per month and get 2 users access, unlimited forms, 1 GB storage and accept 2000 entries in a month.

Team Plan:- Under the team plan, you will get 5 users access, unlimited forms, 10,000 form entries, and storage up to 10 GB in $24.

Enterprise Plan:- In enterprise plan, you have to pay $99 where you will get 50 users access, unlimited form entries, create unlimited forms along with 100 GB storage.


Drag & Drop Editor:-

Congnito Forms contains a drag and drop editor through which you can simply drag the required field in the form section and design the form in a few clicks.

Update Form Submission:-

This software provides you link sharing facility. It enables the user to view and edit their entries, even after they had been submitted.

Show & Hide Section:-

Without any extra clutter, you can collect as much information from the customers. By adding numerous sections on your form through the conditional logic.

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5. Formsite:-

Formsite is an online web form creator tool which allows you to design an elegant online form in seconds and simplifies the data collection process. With this software, you can create lead generation form, survey forms, donation, and booking form easily.

Formsite Web Form Builders

Pricing Plan:-

Free Plan:- As its name suggests, it is a Free plan where you are able to create 5 forms, get 50MB file space and 10 results per form.

Deluxe Plan:- In the deluxe plan, the yearly charges is $149.95 ($14.95 on monthly basis). You can design 5 forms, get 500 results per form and 500 MB storage.

Pro Plan:-

The Pro plan consists of three more plans –

1st Plan:- Under pro 1 plan, you have to pay $249.95 yearly ($24.95 on monthly basis). You are able to create 10 forms, get 1000 results per form, and 1 GB file storage.

2nd Plan:- Pro 2 plan will charge you $499.95 per year ($49.95 on monthly basis). It allows you to create 25 forms, get 2500 results per form along with 2 GB file storage.

3rd Plan:- This plan will cost you $999.95 per year ($99.95 on monthly basis). You are able to design 100 forms, get 10,000 form results per form, 4 GB file storage and more.


Build Multiple Page Form:-

With the help of this software, you can break your long form in as many sections as you want. This makes your form simple and more convenient for the visitors.

Make Your Form Responsive:-

The form which you are designed by Formsite software are 100 responsive.  And look great on all mobile devices and tablets.

3rd Party Integration:-

Formsite allows 3rd party integration so you can connect your form with Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, MailChimp, Salesforce, Zapier and many others.

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Pabbly Form Builder

6. 123ContactForm:-

123ContactForm let you build your own online forms using the drag and drop editors. Such as order forms, event registration forms, online surveys and any other types of web forms.

Also, it allows you to collect payments in such a way that you can easily sell your products without any hindrance.

123Contact Form Web Form Builders

Pricing Plan:-

Basic Plan:- The basic plan is completely Free. You can create 5 forms, get 100 form submissions/month, and add 10 fields in a form.

Gold Plan:- The gold plan will charge you $190 annually ($19 on monthly basis). It allows you to create 20 forms, get 5000 form submissions per month, add unlimited fields in a form, live chat support along with 500 MB storage.

Platinum Plan:- In the platinum plan, you have to pay $390 annually ($39 on monthly basis). You can create unlimited forms, get 20,000 form submissions per month, and 2GB storage.


Custom Branding:-

With custom branding feature, you can add logos, images in your form and make brand awareness among the globe.

Create Forms In Multiple Languages:-

This software supports multiple languages, so you can create a form in any language. This will help you to connect your customer from any region.

File Upload Functionality:-

With this form maker tool, you can create digital forms with file upload fields. This field helps user to upload and send resumes, images, video files.

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I hopefully think that the above-mentioned information is enough for you to decide which software is perfect & convenient to design forms and collecting leads for your business.

These software solutions reduce the time of form creation, so you can easily utilize time in making different marketing strategies for your firm.

Also, they allow you to collect one-time as well as recurring payments for your booking & orders. So that’s a plus point for your work.

But there are some form builders in this article which are most affordable in their category & we know that in every business, saving money is too much important.

That’s why you should give a try to these form builders & purchase any one of them as per your needs.

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For any queries & suggestions, just drop a comment below & we’ll get back to you soon. After all, we’d love to help the future billionaires!