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Top Payment Analytics Tools That Offers Free Trial

Whenever we think about a subscription or recurring business, there are certain things that strike our minds at first like:-

  • Are we making a profit out of products and services sold?
  • What is the annual churn of my business?
  • Am I spending more to get customers and many more.

These are all the questions for which you want the answers about, but it’ll take a lot of time. For these queries, you can opt for a payment analytics tool.

It is a premium solution which acts like a helping hand for people who want to do advanced analysis of their business. You can track various matrices such as sales, orders, refunds, churn rate, monthly recurring revenue (MRR) & many more.

But there are thousands of these kinds of tools floating around the web & choosing the best one from its cloud is same as finding yourself on Earth from space.

So, to make your efforts easy, we have come up with a list of top payment analytics tools that offers a free trial.

Best Software For Payment Analytics

Services Pricing  Payment Tracking Sales Analytics Dunning Management
Pabbly Subscription Billing $19/m Yes Yes Yes
Putler $29/m Yes Yes No
GetControl $89/m Yes No Yes
FirstOfficer $29/m Yes No No
Baremetrics $50/m Yes Yes Yes

All the software-defined in this blog come with a free trial period which is a major benefit that can be used to explore them.

Also, some of them support the functionality of unlimited revenue management along with payment & subscription management. That’s more than meets the eye.

So without having a second thought, just read out this article, try the services mentioned in it & finalize the best one according to your needs!

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1. Pabbly Subscription Billing Payment Analytics Software

Pabbly Subscription Billing holds the highest position in this list because it offers multiple advanced features which help you perform a high level of payment analytics.

Through it, you can generate reports and monitor things like new subscribers, customers, track MRR, net revenue as well as the active customer.

Also, you can collect both online as well as offline payments in more than 25 global currencies. So if you have an overseas business then you don’t have to worry about losing an international payment.

Pabbly Subscription Billing

Pabbly Subscriptions Payment Analytics System Free Version Details

Pabbly Subscription Billing provides a free trial with unlimited customers, subscriptions, products, custom domain, fully customizable checkout page & so on.

Previously we paid $149 a month + additional transaction fee/taxes by other payment analytics tools. But for Pabbly Subscriptions, we only paid $19 monthly charge for similar features.

Start Your Free Trial Now


  • Free Trial: A free trial plan is provided where you will be able to explore Pabbly Subscription Billing
  • Starter Plan: The Rookie plan costs around $19/m on a yearly plan whereas a monthly plan will cost you $39/m for tracking payments of 500 customers & their invoices.
  • Rookie Plan: For the Pro package, you have to pay $29/m  on a yearly basis & $ 59/m on a monthly basis plan for the unlimited number of customers.
  • Pro Plan: This plan is best for big businesses. It charges $49 per month in a yearly plan & $99/m in a monthly plan for features like custom domain, affiliate system, multilingual fully customizable checkout page & many more.

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2.  Putler Payment Analytics System

Putler comes pre-loaded with features that enable you to analyze and get productive results for the growth of your business.

It allows you to manage data from multiple sources like payment gateways, marketplaces, shopping carts, other than these there are many other facilities that come with this software.

Top Payment Analytics Tools That Offers Free Trial

Putler Payment Analytics System Free Version Details

With Putler payment analytics system, you get a free trial for 14-days to perform proper testing and you can create a free account with no card details are required.

You can easily upgrade, downgrade or cancel any of the paid plans offered by Putler anytime. This tool also allows access until the end of the current subscription which you have opted even if you cancel the plan in between.


  • Starter Plan: $25 is the cost that will be charged every month for Starter plan and you get 3 integration access as well as 500 order limit.
  • Growth Plan: This plan will cost around $75 for a month and you will be authorized to have 7 integrations along with 3,000 orders limit.
  • Scale Plan: Price of Scale plan is $250 a month and with this plan, you allowed access to 20 integrations, 10,000 orders.

For bigger or custom made plan you can contact the sales team.

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3. GetControl Payment Analytics Software

GetControl delivers all transaction analytics and generates different types of alerts under one roof. It is extremely simple to setup as no coding, credit card and other integrations are required initially.

It supports payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal and Square from where data can be extracted and processed easily. GetControl Payment analytics software also produces a real-time transaction, so that no business details get missed.

GetControl Payment Analytics Tool

Free Trial Details Of Control Payment Analytics Software 

In 14-days free trial period, GetControl gives you full access to iOS as well as Android applications along with other essential features. You can do proper testing as there is no transaction limit during the trial period.

No credit card details will be asked until you subscribe for this software. Plus, you will be able to use mobile applications and control account but certain limitation will be there on some features.


  • Starter Package: This plan will charge around $19 a month and $16 a month for a yearly subscription for 200 data points. Plus for every extra 100 data points, $10 will be charged.
  • Growth Package: The cost of this plan is $79 a month and for yearly plan $67 a month. This plan gives you access to 750 data points every month. If the limit is exceeded then $20 are charged per 500 extra data points.
  • Scale Package: Plan cost is $149 monthly and $142 every month for yearly packages will full access to 10,000 data points per month. Additional $30 are charged for per 5000 data points if the limit gets exceeded.
  • Enterprise Package: To know the price of this plan you have to contact the sales team, as this is a fully customizable plan which can be created according to your business needs.

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4. ChartMogul Payment Analytics Tool

ChartMogul is a powerful reporting and analytics tool which helps you build and manage a better subscription business. With this software complex piles of data can be refined and analyzed with just a few clicks.

Once fully implemented, ChartMogul automates all key metrics reporting that is essential for your business like customer lifetime value, churn rate, customer growth MRR, growth rate and more.

ChartMogul Payment Analytics Tool

ChartMogul Payment Analytics Tool Free Trial Details

ChartMogul offers different facilities to manage analytics and to test those facilities for free, this payment analytics software has a dedicated plan name Launch.

Launch plan allows you to explore various features of ChartMogul free for 30-days. This software is free until 10K MRR figure is being attained by your business or 30-days period ends.

This plan has some restrictions like cohort and mapping are some advanced features which are not accessible in Launch Plan.


  • Launch Plan: Totally free of cost for 30-days along with a transaction limit of up to $10,000 in MRR with multiple features access(It’s 30 days free plan which we’ve already discussed above).
  • Mogul Plan: The price of this plan is $100 for every 1,000 paying customers and ChartMogul guarantees no extra charges other than plan cost.
  • Volume Plan: This is a high-end plan which can serve business having customers from 10,000 to millions for the price details you have to talk to the sales team.

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5. Payment Analytics Solution is a payment analytics solution which allows you to track and analyze monthly recurring revenue of your business. With this software SaaS business metrics like ARR, revenue churn, upgrades, downgrades, cancellation and more can be easily analyzed.

It primarily supports payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal. You can also enter data manually within the app as well as through API. In these cases payment processors can be PayPal, Chargebee, Recurly, Salesforce, etc.

Payment Analytics Tool by

Details Of Payment Analytics Solution Free Trial 

You get a 30-days free trial period. Through it, you can do proper testing and analysis of different payments, refunds transactions, upgrading, downgrading and more of your business does not restrict the access permission even after the expiry of the 30-day period. You can continue the usage of this software until the number of paying customers is less than 100.

The trial version also comes pre-loaded with dummy data, in case you have planned not to integrate your payment gateway in the trial of the software.


  • Basic Plan: This plan gives you access to analyze up to 100 paying customers and maintain 3 team members. Plus you also get basic email reports as well.
  • Pro Plan: This plan costs around $19 for a month if your business has 250 active paying customers. But if the number of paying customers increase, in that case, the price also rises simultaneously like– If your business holds 1000 paying customers then the cost will be $69 a month.
    – For 2500 paying customers the cost will be $129 a month.
    – $199 will be charged every month for 5000 paying customers.

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6. FirstOfficer Payment Analytics Platform

FirstOfficer payment analytics platform delivers data which is really valuable for your business. All the analysis are performed on raw data which is collected from payment gateways.

This software helps you develop a better understanding of key metrics like MRR, ARR, LTV, customer essentials and more. Through it, the comparison between different metrics, plans and other details become easy to perform.

Payment Analytics Tool by FirstOfficer

Details Of FirstOfficer Payment Analytics Platform Free Trial 

Each plan offered by FirstOfficer gives you a free trial period of 30-days. In it, you can use multiple analytics features that the plan has got.

Plus the payment gateway data is fully secured because FirstOfficer payment analytics platform has got read-only access over your Stripe account data.


  • Hobby Plan: WIth this plan, you get access to manage 250 customers & weekly reports at a price point of $29 a month.
  • Plan For Startup: $79 are charged every month for up to 1000 customers. Plus you get additional features like reports, cohort retention, and more.
  • Plan For Professional: In this plan 2500 customers, plus additional features are provided at the cost of $149 every month.
  • Business Plan: The base cost of this plan is $249/month for 5000 customers along with some advanced features.
  • Enterprise Bundle Plan: This bundle has 3 different plans which are:- Lite Enterprise Plan: This plan costs $349 a month for 10,000 customer access.
    – Enterprise Pro Plan: Price for this plan is $499 on monthly basis for customer access of 20,000.
    – Elite Enterprise Plan: $699 is the cost of this plan for 30,000 active customers.

The monthly plans cost is defined above, but if you go for a yearly subscription then you get a discount of 2 months on each plan.

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7. Baremetrics Payment Analytics Software

Baremetrics is an advanced payment analytics software with multiple payment gateway integrations. It supports Stripe, Braintree, Recurly, Chargify plus also has API.

This software also enables you to automatically deliver reports and notifications through emails on daily, weekly as well as on monthly basis. Each and every customer details are also easily accessible and more.

Payment Analytics Tool by Baremetrics

Free Trial Essentials Of Baremetrics

Baremetrics is a premium analytics software that permits you to access all 4 plans offered by it free for 14-days. Within this free time period, you can use various features offered by any particular plan.

All the plans offered by Baremetrics are 100% risk-free as it guarantees 60-days money back if you are not satisfied with the plans.


  • Startup Plan: For this plan, a cost of $50 every month is charged for a limit of $10,000 MRR.
  • Professional Plan: $50,000 MRR is the access limit of this plan at a price point of $100 a month.
  • Business Plan: This plan costs $250 monthly and provides $2,00,000 MRR transaction limit every month.
  • Enterprise Plan: The price is $500 for a month and you can perform analytics on up to $5,00,000 MRR.

{Note:- Recovery is an advanced feature which automates failed payment recovery system and the cost of this feature is added on top of your main plan. The cost of Recovery feature may vary according to your usage.}

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Final Conclusion

We hope that after going through this blog you will definitely find a perfect solution to deal with the analytics part of your business.

Almost, all of the software provides a free trial of minimum 14 days. That’s enough time for you to take the decision whether you want to purchase that tool or not.

So all we suggest you to do is to try all of the services & finalize the best one according to your needs!

If you are still not satisfied and want to explore more about Payment Analytics Tools, below are some blogs and documents which will definitely help you out:-

Done with all your Payment Analytics needs. Now, what is next?

Product promotion and advertisement is one of the most important tasks that is required for a successful subscription business.

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