Looking for a way to add WooCommerce customers as MailChimp subscribers in real-time? If yes, here in this article we will reveal the step by step guide to integrate WooCommerce with MailChimp.

How to Add WooCommerce Customers as MailChimp Subscribers

But before moving forward, let’s understand the need for WooCommerce and MailChimp integration. Woo Commerce is the largest eCommerce selling plugin for WordPress users. Whereas MailChimp is an email marketing service provider that manages all your email campaigns.

So with the help of WooCommerce – MailChimp integration, you can send emails to customers in the near future about a product, deals, and offers. Also, you can build and manage your WooCommeerce customer’s list in the MailChimp account. Like any other service, the automation tool is prevailing in the market that lets you connect software in a couple of minutes.

This is why here we are recommending one of the affordable business automation tool named Pabbly Connect.

Why Choose This Method Of Integration?

In contrast with other integration services-

  • Pabbly Connect does not charge you for its in-built apps like filters, Iterator, Router, Data transformer, and more
  • Create “Unlimited Workflows” and smoothly define multiple tasks for each action
  • As compared to other services which offer 750 tasks at $24.99, Pabbly Connect proffers 50000 tasks in the starter plan of $29 itself
  • Unlike Zapier, there’s no restriction on features. Get access to advanced features even in the basic plan
  • Try before you buy! Before spending your money, you can actually signup & try out the working of Pabbly Connect for FREE

Sign Up To Pabbly Connect         

Pabbly Connect is one of the best SaaS-based automation platforms that let you connect multiple application for data transmission. In a couple of minutes, you can create a workflow to integrate different software without applying any technical skills. Further, it is swamped with features like unlimited workflows, triggers, action, and much more even in its free plan.

Here in this article, we will understand how to add WooCommerce customers as MailChimp subscribers using an automation tool i.e Pabbly Connect.

So, let’s start the integration process.

Step 1: Sign up to Pabbly Connect

Sign Up

Initiate the process of connecting WooCommerce to MailChimp by clicking on the “Sign Up Free” icon on the Pabbly Connect dashboard. Further, either manually fill-up all the details or sign up using Gmail credentials.

Try Pabbly Connect for FREE

Step 2: Access Pabbly Connect

Select Connect

Next, after logging into the account, click on the “Access Now” button of Connect.

Step 3: WorkFlow for WooCommerce to MailChimp Integration

(a) Start with a New Workflow

Create New Workflow

Begin the process of building a workflow forWooCommerce-MailChimp integrations by clicking on the “Create New Workflow” button.

(b) Name the Workflow

Name the Workflow

Further, add the name of workflow which in our case is “WooCommerce to MailChimp”. Nevertheless, you can always name the workflow according to your requirements.

Step 4: Setting Trigger for WooCommerce & MailChimp Integration

Further, after building a workflow, you have to choose the integration app to connect your Woocommerce account to MailChimp. Pabbly Connect lets you bind or connect unlimited apps within minutes, click here to sign up for unlimited workflows.

(a) Select Application you Want to Integrate

Select WooCommerce

The following step is to choose “WooCommerce” from the dropdown, then choose the “New Order Created” option to add subscribers in MailChimp whenever a purchase happens in WooCommerce.

(b) Copy the Webhook URL

Copy the Webhook URL

The next step is to copy the webhook URL which is appearing on the dashboard.

Step 5: Connecting WooCommerce to Pabbly Connect

To add a subscriber in MailChimp whenever a new sale happens in WooCommerce, you gotta paste the copied Webhook URL in the software. For that, you have to log in to your WordPress account where you have installed your Woocommerce plugin.

(a) Go to WooCommerce Settings

Go to WooCommerce Settings

After successfully logging into your WordPress account, go to the “WooCommerce” section then there click on the “Settings” option.

(b) Click on Advanced Option

Click on Advanced Option

Further, when you click on “Settings”, it will open a tab with different options. Select the “Advanced” option.

(c) Click on Webhooks Option

Click on Webhooks Option

Further, as soon as you click on “Webhooks”, it will open a new tab with a different option. Simply click on the “Add Webhook” option to paste the Webhook URL.

(d) Add Webhook

Add Webhook

Next, name the Webhook according to your need. Make sure that status should be “Active” and in the topic section, select “Order Created”. Then in the delivery URL, paste your copied URL from Pabbly Connect. After making all changes, click the “Save Webhook” button.

(e) Make a Test Purchase

Make a Test Purchase

Now to add customers as a subscriber in MailChimp, open the product checkout in a new tab, and make a dummy purchase. Just fill all the details, hit the “Place Order” button. But before hitting the button, make sure to click “Capture Webhook Response” in the Pabbly Connect dashboard.

Step 6: Test the Response in Pabbly Connect Dashboard

Test the Response

As soon as you hit the “Place Order” button, the entry will appear on the “Pabbly Connect” dashboard. Simply click on the “Save” option.

Step 7: Setting Action for WooCommerce & MailChimp Integration

To make this WooCommerce MailChimp integration work, you have to choose the action for your trigger.

(a) Select Application you Want to Integrate

Select MailChimp

Further, click on the “+” icon to add an action for your trigger. Here we are going to select “MailChimp” from the dropdown. Then, select the “Add New Member” option.

(b) Click the Connect Button

Click the Connect Button

After making all the necessary changes, click on the “Connected with MailChimp” button. Further, it will open the authorization window, for which you have to log in to your MailChimp account.

Step 8: Connecting MailChimp to Pabbly Connect

To connect WooCommerce to MailChimp, you need to paste the “Bearer Token” for which you have to log in to your MailChimp account.

(a) Click on MailChimp Account Settings

Click on MailChimp Account Settings

After login, click on the “Account” on the uppermost section of the dashboard.

(b) Move to Extras

Move to Extras

When you click on “Account” it will open up the new window. There you will see the “Extras” option, simply click on it. Then, click on the “API Keys” option.

(c) Create a Key

Create a Key

As soon as you will click on the “Create a Key” button, it will generate the key. Just copy it.

Step 9: Paste API Key in Pabbly Connect Dashbaord

To add customer’s data as subscribers in MailChimp, you have to head back to the Pabbly Connect dashboard to paste the API key.

(a) Fill API Key

Fill API Key

Just paste API Key in the bearer token option, and in the “Data Center” column, mention MailChimp id which appears in the starting of your MailChimp URL. After ensuring all this, click the “Save” button.

(b) Map Field Data

Map Field Data

Now as you see the software has already fetched the audience list. Just map the required field from drop-down such as for the email field, select the email option, and for the name field select the name option.

(c) Save and Send Test Request

Save and Send Test Request

Subsequently, after filling all the details, save the setting and then “Send Test Request” to test the WooCommerce MailChimp integration.

Step 10: Check Response in MailChimp Dashboard

Check Response in MailChimp Dashboard

Lastly, when you check the Audience section in MailChimp, your entry will automatically appear there.

Now you know how to add WooCommerce customers to MailChimp in real-time. This is a one-time process, now all your manual work will be done by the online business automation tool i.e Pabbly Connect.

Conclusion –

That’s it! Here we provide in detail “How to Save WooCommerce Customers as MailChimp Subscribers” using the software. We understand how much overwhelming can be a process of connecting two software. This is a reason why people looking for tool that can help them. And, believe us Pabbly Connect is one of the best Zapier alternatives available in the market that doesn’t put a hole in your pocket. You will get access to everything even in its free trial.

Okay, what’s stopping you now! Go and grab a deal by signing up for a free account.

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