If you don’t want to waste your precious time, efforts, and money on an email list which causes a rise in bounce, spamming, and other errors in your email marketing campaigns.

Then you can prevent them all by using an Email Scrubbing Service.

Email Scrubbing Service is basically a tool which verifies email addresses in bulk. It returns emails which are valid and will not cause any type of harm to your email marketing campaign.

As we all know that unverified email lists cause decline in open rates, low deliver-ability, unsubscribers, junk emails and more.

Some mistakes which you can predict and prevent by using Email Address Verification tools are:-

  • Reduce bounce rate, junk emails‎ , and cuts your email marketing costs.
  • Enhance email deliver-ability and open rates of campaigns.
  • Protect your reputation and also improve the sender score as well.
  • The success of a campaign rises which gradually increases ROI.

So, what’s the wait, let us get started with the list of 5+ Email Scrubbing Services which will help you get a clean email list for online promotions.

Have A Quick Glance On The Comparision

Services Pricing: 100k Users Free deduplication Auto Responders Ratings

MailGet List Cleaning

$159 4.9/5.0


$339 5.0/5.0

Pabbly Email List Cleaning

$165 5.0/5.0
InkThemes Email Verification $159 4.9/5.0


$1000 3.8/5.0


$500 3.5/5.0

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1. MailGet List Cleaning Service

MailGet List Cleaning is an awesome service which returns email list which is free from duplicate, spam and bad emails. Mail addresses once verified via this service will help you get 99% inbox delivery and huge open rates.

With this service, you can implement several validations on emails in bulk like email syntax checker, suppressed checker, role checker, greylisting checker and many more.

Email Scrubbing Services |List Cleaning

MailGet List Cleaning Features

  • Greylisting checker is a facility that checks whether the mail server uses spam trap or not
  • This list validator notifies that the email address is from a free email service provider or is a premium service.
  • Mass email validation is also possible as you can upload email lists holding thousands of emails all at once in CSV or excel file format.

We have tried various email list cleaning services, but were not satisfied until the time we used MailGet List Cleaning service. I can assure you that

It’s Fast, Accurate, Affordable & User-friendly.

Try it just by spending $4 and you will surely not regret.

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MailGet List Cleaning service offers multiple price plans which can purify any email list of size 1k to 10M in bulk:-

  • Start by verifying 1,000 emails just by spending $4 on this plan.
  • The next plan will cost $12 and will allow you to clean a list of 5,000 emails.
  • To verify a list of 10,000 you have to pay $20.

Excluding the above plans, there are 9 more plans which can help you verify up to 10 millions emails.

Pros of MailGet List Cleaning

  • MailGet list cleaning service is the cheapest services currently available in the market.
  • Over 8 quality and validation checks are performed on the emails.
  • Cleans your email list by nearly 99% and delivers the most accurate data.

Cons of MailGet List Cleaning

  • Number of emails provided are only for one time use only.

2. Pabbly Email List Cleaning Best In Scrubbing Services

Pabbly Email List Cleaning is an email validation solution which has the ability to verify emails in real-time. It’s one of the fastest services which delivers a list of emails which are bounce free and accurate within no time.

You can verify an email list holding contacts in bulk using the API’s as well. API is the quickest way to validate emails.

Pabbly list cleaning service

Pabbly Email List Cleaning Features

  • This list cleaning tool has the feature of real-time validation with the highest accuracy.
  • It has the fastest turnaround time which is 10k emails in just 3 minutes.
  • User-friendly dashboard which easily uploads and cleans your bulk email list, plus you can also verify a single email address at a time.
  • With the help of this tool, you can remove 99.9% of bounce emails from your list.


  • Start verifying 1,000 emails by just spending $5 for a month.
  • Purify up to 10,000 emails at the cost of $0.002 per emails.
[Example:- If you have a list of 5,000 emails which is to be cleaned

Then, 5,000 * $0.002

Total cost = $10 ]

  • If you want to verify up to 100,000 than the price per email verification will be $0.0016.
[Example:- A list of 5,000 emails is to be verified

Then, 20,000 * $0.0016

Total cost = $32 ]

  • Pabbly email list cleaning offers many other premium plans which can handle a list of up to 10,000,000 at very low cost

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Pros of Pabbly Email List Cleaning

  • Easily integrates with multiple other third-party apps.
  • Saves you domain reputation, a user-friendly solution which is fast and reliable.

Cons of Pabbly Email List Cleaning

  • Pabbly does not provide any free trial, although its price is very minimal to handle.

3. Mailbox Validator List Cleaning Software

With Mailbox Validator you can verify emails in bulk and have a clean & hygienic mailing list for online promotions. It established a direct connection with the mailing server and checks if the mailbox exists or not.

Mailbox Validator is a list cleaning software which will increase your conversion rate & help you maintain a good sender reputation. Plus multiple checks like email syntax checker, MX record checker, server connection checker, email greylisting checker, role checker, etc are also performed.

Email Scrubbing Services |List Cleaning

Mailbox Validator List Cleaning Features

  • Email role checker feature of Mailbox Validator helps you know the email role like admin, support, sales, etc.
  • You can simply validate a single email immediately in case of urgent verification needs.
  • Detects and removes duplicate emails from the list submitted.
  • Easy to use bulk email list hygiene software which intakes email list in text or CSV format and processes them in bulk.


  • Free trial of 30-days is provided in which you can process 100 contacts for free.
  • Bulk-1 is a paid plan which is priced $19.95 and allows you to validate 1,000 contacts.

There are various other paid plans which provide a range of list cleaning features at a different price point.

To Know More About Email List Cleaning

Pros of Mailbox Validator

  • Support and allows easy integration with zapier and many others.
  • Easy to use and delivers excellent customer support.

Cons of Mailbox Validator

  • There is a subscription limitation of 30 days on all plans.

4. InkThemes Email Verification Service

InkThemes email verification service is gaining tremendous popularity these days. Besides ensuring 98% list cleaning from hard bounces, invalid/incorrect email syntax, role-based address etc. it also affirms a high inbox delivery and a great hike in ROI.

Further, it removes disposable & duplicate emails from your mailing list.

InkThemes Email List Verification Service

InkThemes Email Verification Service Features

  • InkThemes email verification service quickly filter out greylisted emails from your email contact list.
  • Besides this, it also provides MX record & MX server connection validation very effectively.
  • The service checks the pre-suppression lists and further removes bad emails from your existing mailing list.


The Starter Plan will allow you to verify 1000 emails in $4 only with one-time payment option.

Then comes the Rookie Plan which is available at $12 lets you verify 5000 emails.

You can purchase the Pro Plan to verify 10,000 emails in just $20.

The advance plan includes 10 pricing scheme for a different number of list cleaning.

[Note:- All the plans are billed on a monthly basis which means, total number of emails verified from the first day till the last day of the month are calculated and accordingly the bill is generated.]

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Pros of InkThemes Email Verification Service

  • Absolutely cost-effective and provides the most reliable validations.
  • Dedicated 24/7 support available to assist you at every step.

Cons of  InkThemes Email Verification Service

  • This service does not provide any dashboard to view details.
  • It offers one time usages only & does not refund the remaining emails.

5. BriteVerify  Email Address Verification Tool

BriteVerify offers top class mail address scrubbing services and allows to validate mail contacts in real-time. The email list verification API ensures that the submitted address is valid or invalid.

You also get a detailed report about the email submitted, and a variety of checks like email syntax, MX record checking, role address detection, DEA and mailbox existence checking are additionally being performed.

Email Scrubbing Services |List Cleaning

BriteVerify Mail Address Scrubbing Features

  • Extremely easy to use, just drag & drop the email list into the app, the dashboard will display total records and the cost. Click the button and the mail list will get cleaned. You can also import directly from other platforms as well.
  • It supports all major ESPs, marketing platforms and CRMs in the market.
  • BriteVerify is an advanced mail scrubbing tool which performs all the validation activities in real-time.


  • Each email verified up to the limit of 250k will cost you around 1cent.
[Example:- If you verify 10,000 emails in a month

Then, 10,000 * $.01 (1¢)

Total Cost = $100]

  • The next plan will charge you $.008 per validation and this cost will be applicable to emails over 250k up to 500k.
[Example:- If you verify 300,000 emails in a month

Then, 300,000 * $.008

Total Cost = $2,400] [Note:- All the plans are billed on a monthly basis which means, total number of emails verified from the first day till the last day of the month are calculated and accordingly the bill is generated.]

To Know More About Email List Cleaning

Pros of BriteVerify

  • Most attractive feature is the drag & drop list cleaning interface.
  • Prompt and active 24/7 support is provided.

Cons of BriteVerify

  • Limited files formats are supported for bulk file uploads.
  • Price plans offered are comparatively expensive.

6. DataValidation Email List Cleaning Service

DataValidation has the ability to validate emails in real-time using the API you can verify whether the mail addresses are correct or not. With this service, you can integrate various email service providers and simply fetch out the detailed report of email list quality.

Email Scrubbing Services |List Cleaning

DataValidation Email List Cleaning Features

  • It’s a fast, accurate and secure list cleaning service which is easy to use and comes with no hidden charges.
  • DataValidation also provides awesome 24/5 email as well as Live chat support.
  • Identifies bad emails present in the list and automatically eliminate them from the list.
  • Quality report of the email list can be generated free of cost, which notifies the percent of valid & invalid emails.


  • The free reporting plan by DataValidation service only permits you to see the percent of valid and invalid emails in a list, in-order to know which mail addresses are valid you have to take a paid plan.
  • If you need to do one-time validation only then, One-time tune-up plan is the right option for you. Based on the number of emails the price is charged.
[Exmaple:- If you want to clean a list of 10,000 emails

Then, 10,000 * $0.007 will be charged

Therefore Total Price =$70

Note:- As the number of emails increases the cost may vary]

  • You can also take prepaid tokens for which you have to pay in advance and they come with no expiry date. As long as you have tokens in your account you can use them.

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Pros of DataValidation

  • Supports a wide range of integrations as well as API
  • Provided free health report on any email list.

Cons of DataValidation 

  • Customer support provided is available on weekdays only.
  • Accuracy percentage is not guaranteed.

7. Clearout Email Verification Service

Clearout is an email verification service with an accuracy of 98%+ on the valid, invalid, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Catch-all, and other types of emails.
It gives you the pace of choosing a plan according to your frequency of email list cleaning – one-time payment, monthly or yearly subscription, and customized plans too.
Is data security your primary concern? Don’t worry; Clearout protects your data by placing a 256 bit SSL protocol with an encryption layer and is bound with the privacy policy. Email list verification can be concluded by bulk upload, direct import from any ESP/CRM. Emails can be verified in real-time at the point of entry itself using API integration. WordPress plugin & Google sheets Add-on are two email verification features that set Clearout ahead of its competitors


Clearout Email List Cleaning Service Features

  • This list cleaning tool has the feature of instant, bulk, and real-time API validation with the highest level of accuracy above 98%+.
  • Exclusive features like WordPress Plugin & Google Sheets add-on for email list cleaning.
  • GDPR compliant and team account admin panel which allows you to let and sublet the account access amongst multiple users.
  • Highly efficient customer support & very affordable pricing among its peer competitors.


  • A free trial is provided in which you can process 100 contacts for free.
  • The minimum purchase starts from $25 for 5000 credits which can be used to verify 5000 contacts.
  • 1 Million credits on a monthly subscription option would cost you $880 only

Note:- There are multiple other paid plans (Pay as you Go/ Monthly subscription/Annual Subscription/ Enterprise Pricing) which provide a range of list cleaning features at a different price point.

To Know More About Email List Cleaning

Pros of Clearout

  • 10 times faster turnaround time on an average from the competitors.
  • Best in class Catch-All domain detection with 98%+ accuracy.

Cons of Clearout

  • Clearout provides only 100 credits in the free trial, although the price is very much affordable when you opt for a monthly or annual subscription model.

8. Xverify – Email Verification & List Cleaning

Xverify is a top-notch email verification and list cleaning solution. Proven to provide highly accurate responses to help you achieve higher rates of inbox deliverability success. Eliminate your hard bounces, reduce your spam complaints, and minimize fraud.

Located in the US, they are one of the very few providers you can call and speak with an email deliverability consult easily to discuss your needs.

Xverify is CERTIFIED with EU-U.S. PRIVACY SHIELD FRAMEWORK and SWISS-U.S. PRIVACY SHIELD FRAMEWORK. It also provides DPA’s (Data Processing Addendum) to all clients who require them as part of their GDPR Compliance.


XVerify’s Email Verification Features

  • Highly Accurate – Xverify is one of the only tools on the market that boasts an accuracy rate of about 98%.
  • Built-in Protection – Automatically safeguards you from role-based emails, temporary emails, high-risk emails, and complainers.
  • Easy to Use Dashboard – Check out all of your stats in our easy to review format, export data or clean a list directly from your ESP.

Xverify Pricing


Pay as you go pricing, no minimum commitment or additional monthly fees, just pay for what you use.

  • Price is a penny per verification for lists under 5k.
  • Price per verification reduces with volume, a list of 50k is half a penny, and for large multi-million email verification cleanups, you can get all the way down to 1/10th of a cent.

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Now To Conclude

Hope you must have made a choice which email list cleaning service is best for you, as we are at the end of 5 Email Scrubbing & List Cleaning Services. This blog defines some of the top class email validation services which are good, accurate, user-friendly as well as cost-effective.

If you still need to know more about Email Scrubbing Services Or List Cleaning Tools, here are some blogs which can help you out with more details:-