In today’s professional world email marketing is one of the most helpful and cheap services to reach users with the help of emails. Whether you are thinking about any start-up business or want to contact people on an individual level via emails, then the email marketing will always serve you better. With this, you can earn new subscribers, followers, or loyal customers and let them know about your business products or services through informative emails.

Presently, there are so many cheap email marketing services are available in the market. These services come with various handy features like email designing, email tracking, SMTP servers, marketing automation & more.

Hence, you can select the best email marketing software that perfectly matches your requirements. Here, in this article, we are providing information about some of the trustworthy & cheap email marketing services so that you can narrow down your options.

Service Basic Plan Transactional Emails  SMTP Routing Bounce Forwarding Ratings
Pabbly Email Marketing $29/month 5/5
SendinBlue $25/month 4.5/5
Pepipost $25/month 4.5/5
Moosend $10/month 5/5
Constant Contact $5/month 4/5

1. Pabbly Email Marketing 

Pabbly Email Marketing is one of the most beneficial mailing services which are available at a very cheap price that you can easily purchase and create attractive emails. This service fully supports SMTP routing for the fast delivery of emails. You can either use it’s in-built delivery engine or add your own SMTP server to send bulk emails.

Features – 

  • Marketing Automation – This feature reduces your manual work & lets you automate the transmission of your emails by scheduling a sending time. Therefore, the emails will automatically be sent on a scheduled time & to the right person.
  • Sign-up Forms – Pabbly email marketing service helps you to capture more leads on your site by displaying simple sign up forms that are too easy to fill up.
  • Analytics & Tracking of Emails – This feature provides you the complete analytics of your emails. You can easily see how many times your emails are opened, clicked, bounced, and much more.
  • Drag & Drop Tool – It’s easy to build informative & engaging emails with this user-friendly drag and drop email builder without any coding.
  • MX Cleaner – This best bulk email software allows you to keep your email contacts list clean by removing unwanted and bad emails.
  • Send Greetings to Customers – Pabbly has the functionality to automatically send welcome messages to customers via emails whenever any new subscriber associates.

Pricing – 

Pabbly Email Marketing provides you free as well as paid pricing plans. You can check details here –

  • Forever Free – This plan lets you send 12000 emails to approx 1100 subscribers per month without any cost.
  • Rookie – You can send unlimited emails to 5000 subscribers at a cost of $29 per month. More, you can get an advantage to use all the features of this service like MX Cleaner, Import Emails, Subscription Forms and much more.
  • Pro – This is the most popular plan of Pabbly. If you need to send emails to your customers in bulk then this plan will be very helpful for you. It lets you send emails to 15000 subscribers at a price of $49 per month & also provides convenient features.
  • Advance – In this plan, you will be able to send multiple emails to 50,000 subscribers at a charge of $99 per month and also to access all the advanced features of Pabbly. Moreover, you can upgrade this plan & increase subscribers count from 50,000 to 1,000,000. In this case, the pricing will also increase according to subscribers count.
  • Enterprise – This is the high volume plan and to purchase this plan you need to contact the service provider.

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2. SendinBlue 

Sendinblue is an affordable email marketing service that helps you to grow relationships with existing customers via sending emails. Also, you can reach more new customers by creating dedicated landing pages for each of your campaigns.

Sendinblue - Cheap Email Marketing Services

Features – 

  • Signup Forms Integration – This email marketing service helps you to convert your website visitors into members via presenting simple sign up forms.
  • Built-in CRM –  You can manage & track complete details of all your customers in CRM‌. Thus, it helps you to build stronger relationships with your customers.
  • SMS Marketing – This is the most convenient feature of Sendinblue software that apart from emails, you can also send SMS to your customers to directly contact them.
  • Display Facebook Ads – Sendinblue helps you to target existing contacts and also reach new customers via showing Facebook ads from your account.
  • Complete Chat Support – With this feature, you can be available all the time to solve your customers’ questions.

Pricing –

  • Free – To begin with Sendinblue service this plan is perfect and will allow you to send 1000 emails per day to unlimited contacts free of cost.
  • Lite – This plan has a price of $25 and lets you send 40,000 emails per month.
  • Essential – In this plan, you can access various features like A/B Testing, Advanced statistics, etc at just a price of $39 per month with 60,000 emails.
  • Premium – You can buy this plan at $66 and deliver 1,20,000 emails per month. Also, you can increase the count of emails from 1,20,000 to 3,50,000 emails at a price of $173.
  • Enterprise – To Purchase this plan you need to contact the service provider.

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3. Pepipost 

Pepipost is another affordable email marketing software that has a fully user-friendly interface & helps you deliver your emails faster. It also owns a special bounce forwarding feature through which you will always get a notification whenever your email bounce.

Pepipost - Cheap Email Marketing Services

Features – 

  • Email Contacts List – With Pepipost, you can keep your email contacts list clean. Therefore, all the contacts will be organized in proper order and you can easily send emails to each of them.
  • Email History – This mail campaign service allows you to track 90 days of searchable history for all your email campaigns. Hence, you can see any of your past transactions if required.
  • Tracking of Emails –  You can watch the complete performance of your emails i.e. open rate, clicks, bounce rate, subscribers, and more.
  • High Inbox Delivery Rate – This feature ensures you that your delivered emails are reaching only in the right inboxes and to the right persons.
  • SMTP‌ Servers – Pepipost provides you with an easy-to-use SMTP server through which you can send unlimited emails in simple clicks.

Pricing –

Pepipost email marketing service provides its free plan in which you can send 30000 emails for the first 30 days at no cost.

Further, this product comprises various paid plans in which the basic plan has a price of $25 and lets you send 1,50,000 emails per month. Besides, If you need to send more than 20,00,000 emails, then you can purchase its high volume plan by contacting the service provider.

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4. Moosend 

Moosend is a convenient service for email marketing that helps you to manage your email contacts & reduces the manual work. You can easily import all your contacts from different places like CSV files, local storage, cloud storage & more.

Moosend - Cheap Email Marketing Services

Features – 

  • Drag and Drop Tool – It’s easy to add content in your emails in just simple clicks with user-friendly drag and drop functionality. Also, Moosend provides a variety of templates that you can use to make emails more engaging.
  • Automated Emails – This feature enables you to schedule a particular time for all your emails to be automatically sent and reduces your manual work.
  • Add Sign-up Forms – You can add simple sign-up forms on a website that visitors can easily fill up and become your members.
  • Geolocation – This is the most unique feature of Moosend that lets you know the exact location of your customers. Hence, you can track which countries have the highest engagement & target audience accordingly
  • Complete Reports of Emails Performance – With this feature, you can get full details about performance of your emails like emails opens, bounces, clicks & more. It will also help you in the right decision making for future.

Pricing –

With Moosend’s free plan, you can send endless emails to more than 1000 subscribers per month. Moreover, the paid plans have different pricing you can check here –

  • The basic plan enables you to send multiple emails to 1,001 – 2,000 subscribers per month at just a price of $10.
  • Besides, the advance plan has its prices according to a subscribers count i.e. at a price of $20 you can send emails to 2,001 – 3000 subscribers per month. Also, if required, then you can increase the subscribers’ count and pay for it accordingly.

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5. Constant Contact 

Constant Contact email marketing allows you to make a completely automated workflow and reduce your manual work by scheduling a delivery time for emails. Therefore, your emails will automatically be delivered on a scheduled time & to the right persons.

Constant Contact - Cheap Email Marketing Services

Features – 

  • Email Contacts List – It’s easy to create & manage a precise contact list of all your customers. You can import contacts from your computer or from other accounts and arrange them together into the sophisticated list.
  • Pop-up Subscription Forms – You can add subscription forms on a website. So, whenever visitors come to your site, a signup form will display in a popup style that they can easily fill and become members.
  • Feedback from Customers – With different Surveys and Polls, you can get complete feedback from your contacts about your business services, products & more.
  • Email Marketing in E-commerce – You can apply an e-commerce feature in your email marketing method. This will help you reach new customers and grow your online store.
  • Convenient Email Creations – This email marketing tool helps you to build & edit attractive emails without any coding with simple drag and drop functionality.

Pricing –

Constant Contact is one of the best cheap email marketing services that comes with different pricing plans. The main thing is that in all plans the prices will depend on the number of contacts & will constantly increase if you add more subscribers.

  • Lite  – This is the first plan of Constant Contact that has a price of $5 and lets you send 10000 emails per month.
  • Email – With this plan, you can deliver unlimited emails to customers at just a price of $20.
  • Email Plus – This is the advance plan that includes all the great features & allows you to send endless emails to customers at an amount of $45 per month.

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Hopefully, this article will help you to decide which will be the most reliable & cheap email marketing services for you that help in increasing your business productivity.

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