In the present innovative world, email marketing is the most widely recognized method for communication, whether it is required for business or individual use. It helps you to easily contact your email subscribers and also to provide them information about your products or services.

Right now, there are numerous paid email service providers are available in the market with their individual abilities or skills. These service providers assist you in email marketing and provide various handy features like email creation, email tracking, SMTP servers, marketing automation & much more. Thus, you can create informative emails and also send them to your customers in just simple clicks.

Best Paid Email Service Providers

Now, here the question arises how can we find out which email marketing service will be reliable for you and your business? In this article, we are going to tell some of the best & affordable email service suppliers from which you can pick the best one.

Let’s Begin… 

Service Free Trial Basic Plan Automation Transactional Emails Ratings
Pabbly Email Marketing $29/month 5/5
SendinBlue $25/month 4/5
Pepipost $25/month 3.5/5
Moosend $10/month 4.5/5
Constant Contact $5/month 3/5

1. Pabbly Email Marketing 

Pabbly Email Marketing is one of the most useful & affordable mailing services that help in excellent email creations. It fully supports SMTP servers and allows you to send bulk emails to all your customers. Hence, whether you can use its in-built delivery engine or add your own SMTP servers to send emails. You can also automate the delivery of your emails by scheduling a sending time. So, the emails will automatically be delivered on a scheduled time & to the right person.

Pabbly Email Marketing - Paid Email Service Providers

Features – 

  • Drag & Drop Email Builder – This in-built email builder helps you to effortlessly build engaging emails for customers without any coding.
  • MX Cleaner – With Pabbly Email Marketing, you can generate an email contacts list & keep it clean by removing bad emails before sending.
  • Subscription Forms – You can easily add sign up forms to a website and convert visitors into members of your site.
  • Email Tracking – It’s easy to keep track & get complete data about your sent emails like email opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, and more.
  • Autoresponders – Autoresponders automatically send welcome messages to your customers whenever any new subscriber joins.

Pricing – 

Pabbly Email Marketing provides you with various pricing plans. You can check them here –

  • Forever Free Plan – You can use this free plan and easily send 12000 Emails to approx 1100 subscribers. Also, you will be able to access some of the handy features.
  • Rookie Plan – Rookie plan lets you send multiple emails to 5000 subscribers at $29 per month. Further, in this plan,  you will get all the features of this service like MX Cleaner, Import Emails, Subscription Forms and much more.
  • Pro Plan – If you want to send emails in a bulk then, this plan will be very beneficial for you. It allows you to send unlimited emails to 15000 subscribers at a cost of $49 per month. Besides, just like the previous plan, you will get all the features in it.
  • Advance Plan – With this Advance plan, you will be capable to get an advantage of all the advanced features of this service. Also, you can send emails to 50,000 subscribers at a cost of $99 per month. One more functionality that comes under this plan is that you can increase subscribers count more than 50,000 subscribers whom you want to send emails. Then, in this case, the pricing will also increase according to your subscribers count.

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2. SendinBlue 

Sendinblue is an easy-to-use business email service provider that empowers you to develop & grow relationships with customers via sending multiple emails. The main feature of this service is that you can add sophisticated content in your transactional emails, and deliver them to each subscriber in a personalized way.


Features – 

  • SMS Marketing – Apart from the emails, you can also send SMS to your customers to communicate with them more directly & also in any emergency situation.
  • Chat Support – You can be available for your customers 24/7 and answer to their queries instantly whenever they need it.
  • Inbuilt CRM –  The CRM feature assists you to build stronger relationships by keeping track of all data of your customers in one place.
  • Signup Forms – It allows you to integrate custom signup forms on a website and easily grow your email contacts.
  • Facebook Ads – You can begin showing Facebook ads from your account to retarget available contacts. Also, with this, you will be able to reach new audiences.

Pricing –

Sendinblue provides you with free as well as paid plans –

  • Free – If you want to start with Sendinblue, then this plan is perfect. You can send 300 emails per day to unlimited contacts at no cost.
  • Lite – This plan is perfect for new marketers as it allows 40,000 emails per month at cost $25 along with all the important features.
  • Essential – It helps you to grow your business at a cost of $39 per month with 60,000 emails. Also, it includes all features like A/B Testing, Advanced statistics, etc.
  • Premium – This is the most popular plan of Sendinblue that comes with all the pro features like Facebook ads, Landing pages, and more. So, to get advantage of all these features you just need to pay $66 per month. Then, you will be able to send 1,20,000 emails and also, to increase the count of emails i.e. 3,50,000 emails per month at a price of $173 if required.
  • Enterprise – For this plan, you need to contact the service provider. It will be beneficial for those marketers who want all the handy features of Sendinblue.

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3. Pepipost 

Pepipost is another leading paid email service provider that assists you in delivering your transactional emails to the customers in the most efficient way. It has a convenient interface for fast email delivery and also at the most affordable pricing ever.

Pepipost - Paid Email Service Providers

Features –

  • High Inbox Delivery Rate – With this feature, you can make sure that your delivered emails should reach only in the right inboxes and to the right persons.
  • Email Tracking – It is very important to have complete data about performance of your emails. This product helps you to know your emails’ open rate, clicks, bounce rate, subscribers, etc.
  • 90 Days of Email History – This email marketing service provides you with 90 days of searchable history for all your email campaigns.
  • Email List – Pepipost helps you design & manage a clean list of your contacts. So, all the contacts will be arranged in a systematic order and you can easily send emails to each of them without skipping any.

Pricing – 

  • Free Trial – This product provides you with 30000 emails for the first 30 days free of cost.

Further, the other paid plans of Pepipost are as follows –

  • 1st Plan –  This plan has a price of $25 and lets you send 1,50,000 emails per month.
  • 2nd Plan – For this, you need to pay $85 and send 4,00,000 emails per month.
  • 3rd Plan – You can get this plan at a cost of $145 & deliver 6,00,000 emails per month.
  • 4th Plan – If you need to send bulk emails at once then this plan will be helpful. Since it allows you to deliver 10,00,000 emails per month at a price of $245.
  • 5th Plan – Besides the above plans, this one will allow you to deliver maximum emails i.e. 20,00,000 per month at a cost of $445.
  • High Volume Plan – If you want to send more than 20,00,000 emails then you can go with a high volume plan. But for this plan, you need to contact the service provider.

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4. Moosend 

Moosend is an email service provider that allows you to create and manage your email campaigns with its user-friendly drag and drop functionality. You will be able to add content in your emails in just simple clicks &  also to deliver your customers at the right time.

Moosend - Paid Email Service Providers

Features – 

  • Landing Pages – You can build attractive landing pages without needing any web designer expenses & easily convert website traffic into customers.
  • Reporting & Analytics – It provides you with precise data about email analytics that saves your time & also helps in right decision making.
  • Learn About Customer Location – With this email marketing tool, you can gain information about which countries have the highest engagement. Thus, you can target your audience by customizing newsletters accordingly.
  • Marketing Automation – This feature helps you to build a fully automated workflow. Hence, the emails will automatically be delivered to clients at a scheduled time.
  • Subscription Forms – It’s easy to increase subscribers’ base by simply adding subscription forms on a site & grabbing visitors’ attention.

Pricing – 

In a Free plan, you can send unlimited emails per month to more than 1000 subscribers. Besides that, the details of paid plans are as follows –

  • The first paid plan will cost you $10 in which you can send unlimited emails to 1,001 – 2,000 subscribers per month.
  • Further, the second plan has a price of $20 and allows to deliver unlimited emails to 2,001 – 3000 subscribers per month. Apart from that, if required you can increase subscribers count whom you want to deliver emails then the price will also increase accordingly.

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5. Constant Contact 

This email marketing service provider grants you a fully automated workflow for the delivery of your emails so that they will be delivered at a scheduled time. Also, it helps you in building strong customer relationships & in keeping audience engagement.

Constant Contact

Features –

  • Easy-to-use Drag & Drop – It supports you to design & customize emails with simple drag and drop functionality. So, you can make mobile-responsive emails that look great on every device.
  • E-commerce Email Marketing – This e-commerce tool helps you with email marketing as well as to grow your online store. You can find new customers, keep them involved so that they will always come back to you for more automated emails.
  • Surveys and Polls – It’s easy to get complete feedback from your contacts via email and social media.
  • Contacts Management – You can manage your all email contacts with this email marketing tool in a sophisticated manner. It allows you to upload contact lists from Excel, Outlook, Salesforce etc
  • Dynamic Sign-up Forms – With this email marketing product, you can display various sign-up forms and enable visitors to become your site members.

Pricing – 

Constant Contact email marketing service provider has the following pricing plans at different amounts. The important thing is that in all plans the price will be based on a number of contacts & it will gradually increase if you add more subscribers.

  • Lite – The starting plan has a price of $5 and allows you to send 10000 emails per month. Also, you will get various features like customizable templates, live support, etc
  • Email – This plan provides you a facility to send unlimited emails at a price of $20 per month along with more file storage & other handy features.
  • Email Plus – You can purchase this plan to get all the great features & grow your business at just a price of $45 per month. Also, you will be able to send endless emails to your clients.

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This is it !!

Hope this article has given you a brief idea of the best paid email service providers of 2020. Now, pick the best one that exactly resembles your needs and start delivering emails to your customers.

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