SendinBlue promises a lot in its features and yet not able to cater to all those requirements to its customers. To clarity, no one buys a service only based on what that service had written on its pages. Everyone is smart enough to dig through the fair customer reviews on their own. That will result in finding the best SendinBlue alternatives possible.

SendinBlue Alternatives

Excellent marketing automation means a great deal for a mass email marketing campaign. And sad to say SendinBlue lacks that a lot.

Even if we ignore the fact of limited template design & somehow get through the too much-complicated account set-up. Still, we at least want some mechanism which can get our email into the customer’s inbox. Literally, nobody wants to use an email marketing service that doesn’t even avail a spam checking mechanism.

Discussed and suffered much with the problems in SendinBlue.

After a quick comparison between the available choices, I’ll be giving a brief description of the alternates to SendinBlue.

Service Pricing Subscribers/Emails Features Ratings
SendinBlue $20/month 40,000 Emails Lite 4.5/5
Pabbly Email Marketing $29/month 5000 Subscribers All 5/5
Pepipost $25/month 150,000 Emails All 4.1/5
SendPulse $5/month 500 Subscribers Professional 4/5
MailJet $9.65/month 30K Emails Core 3.5/5
Moosend $10/month 200 Subscribers All 3/5

1. Pabbly Email Marketing – Best In SendinBlue Alternatives

This could be a one-stop solution towards your marketing automation and spam-check problem. Pabbly Email marketing is offering a very fast and easy to use Marketing Automation in the bulk email marketing industry.

Apart from many essential key traits, it’s providing a super excellent facility to connect multiple SMTP that leads to best deliverability. Under this feature, you can add any external SMTP or can use the pre-configured inbuilt SMTP of Pabbly Email Marketing.

Pabbly Email Marketing SendinBlue Alternatives


  • Advanced Personalization: Apart from the first name customization of 90’s PEM gives you advanced email personalization options. You can use any information in your emails that you have gathered about your customers.
  • Transactional Emails: There are many services providing this functionality but here its the speed that matters. Pabbly Email Marketing renders very fast speed for all transactional emails.
  • MX Cleaner: This functionality helps you remove all the bad emails from your lists before sending any email. This automatically results in less bounce rate.
  • Autoresponder: It helps you engage your customer right from the start by sending a welcome email. Moreover, you can customize these emails as per your wish in no time.

Pricing Details:

Pabbly Email Marketing offers 4 pricing plans. All the features are present in almost all plans + for unlimited emails. So, basically the pricing differs based on the number of subscribers.

  • Forever Free: This is much like a trial plan in which you can send 12000 emails to an 1100 Subscribers.
  • Rookie Plan: In just $29 per month you can send unlimited emails to about 5000 subscribers.
  • Pro Plan: This plan cost $49 per month for 15000 subscribers.
  • Advance Plan: For sending email to 55000-100000 subscribers this plan ranges from $99 per month to $1599 per month.

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2. Pepipost

This could be an immeasurable option against SendinBlue alternatives if you own a small business. As Papipost is the only open-source service available. It also provides the email API. So, you only need a hand from the developer & can experience having your own custom email marketing service.



  • SMTP: Pepipost allows you to connect with its built-in SMTP to send bulk emails.
  • Templates: It provides many pre-made HTML templates so as to kick start the emailing procedure in the short run.
  • Multi-user Interface: You need to set up a few specific permissions in the system & your team members can use the service concurrently.
  • Integrations: You can add numerous functionalities with integration like marketing automation, list segmentation and eCommerce support.

Pricing Details:

It’s a slightly cheaper alternative to SendinBlue as also prices based on the number of emails.

  • Lowest Plan: It has the lowest plan of $25 per month to send 150K emails.
  • Popular Plan: The popular plan of this service cos $145 for sending 600K emails.

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3. SendPulse

This service also provides almost a dozen or two basic as well as advanced functionalities. But I recommend this a little less. As reviews report some problems with speed and glitches in this service.



  • Drag and Drop Builder: SendPulse comes with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface that helps you in creating an email in no time.
  • List Import: You can easily import or create an email list using this service.
  • Customizable templates: You can use from the library of templates to customize according to your marketing needs.

Pricing Details:

SendPulse offers a free plan to test over 500 of your subscribers. Although, for large businesses, it offers the pay as you go deal. Ranging from $32-$812 per month for 10K-500K emails respectively.

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4. Mailjet

Among all the SendinBlue alternatives, this is the only fully white-label service. You can use many premium features such as marketing automation, list management, eCommerce support & multi-user interface through integrations.



  • Responsive Email Templates: It displays all your marketing and transactional emails in perfectly throughout devices.
  • Template Gallery: Choose from the available fully customizable email templates that suit your campaign.
  • Intuitive Email Builder: Mailjet provides a drag & drop email builder for crating emails with some personal touch.

 Pricing Details:

  • Free: This plan allows you to send 6000 emails in a month with a daily sending limit.
  • Basic: In $9.65 per month, you can access the core features along with all the free features. The email limit is 30,000 for this plan.
  • Premium: You can send 30,000 emails and unlock advanced feature in this plan. It will cost you $20.95 per month.
  • Enterprise: Large organization that need to use all the features can negotiate for cost after contacting this service.

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5. Moosend

Moosend allows many features from basic to advanced in its email marketing services. These features open on various plan levels. Aside from the fact that that the UI is a little complex you start using it will become very handy.



  • Drag & Drop Email Editor: With easy-to-use email editor you will be ready with your email within no time.
  • A/B Testing: Moosend allows you to check whether your emails stand out or not. With A/B testing you can do so.
  • Data Analytics: Track your campaign’s reports, how many opens and clicks are there on each email.
  • List Segmentation: You can divide the email lists through easy filters and conditions.

Pricing Details:

Through the Free plan, you can send unlimited emails to 1000 of your customers. Moosend offers multiple pricing plans that range from $10 to $3650 for 1001-1000000 customer limit respectively.

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After getting the brief about all the SendinBlue alternatives there is a picture of what the services will be. As many of them provide accessing the handy features in the free plan. Have a look at the services yourself and choose what best suits your needs.

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