When it comes to email marketing one name that flashes in our minds is Mad Mimi because of its cheap pricing and the range of emails it allows you to send. But in today’s competitive time no one wants to compromise with the quality of their services. That is why people are looking out for better replacements even if they have to pay a little extra money for it. Hence to make it easier for you guys we have made a list of best Mad Mimi alternatives to choose from.


With these Mad Mimi alternatives, you can effortlessly send bulk mail along with diverse additional features like email scheduling, tracking and much more.

Service Pricing  Subscribers SMTP Routing Ratings
Pabbly Email Marketing $29/Month 5000 Yes 4.9/5
Sendinblue $25/Month N/A No 4.5/5
Pepipost $17.5/Month N/A No 4.6/5
Moosend $10/Month 1000-2000 Yes 4.8/5
SendPulse $6.4/Month 500-1000 Yes 4.3/5

So, without any further ado, let’s get started with the blog.

1.  Pabbly Email Marketing – Best Mad Mimi Alternatives

Pabbly Email Marketing gives you the freedom to create beautiful and eye-catching e-newsletters to send to your subscribers. You can carry an email campaign and send bulk emails effortlessly. The most important part of Pabbly Email Marketing is that it doesn’t restrict you on any features like automation, email personalization and much more.


Key Features:

  • Drag and Drop Email Builder: You just have to drag and drop desired blocks to design your email from various options.
  • SMTP Routing: Connect your own or multiple SMTPs like Amazon SES, Mandrill, Sparkpost, etc via SMTP routing that assures 100% inbox delivery. You can simply divide the mails in a flat percentage basis.
  • Marketing Automation: This feature allows you to deliver emails automatically on a pre-set schedule.
  • Email Tracking: Pabbly allows you to check the statistics of your emails like clicks, opens, unsubscribe, etc.

Pricing Plan:

  • Rookie- In $29/Month you get 5000 subscribers
  • Pro- In $49/Month you get 15000 subscribers
  • Advance- In $99/Month you get 50000 subscribers

You are just paying for the number of subscribers but can send unlimited emails. This is the best part of the Pabbly pricing deal.

You can find 10 other pricing ranges in the Advance plan according to your needs.

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2.  SendinBlue

SendinBlue gives you the advantage of building and growing a relationship with your clients through email campaigns, transactional emails, SMS messages, marketing automation and much more. This software offers cloud-based digital marketing tools and gives you the freedom of bulk emailing, also promises to serve small and medium-sized businesses on a budget and in your language. It is one of the best Mad Mimi alternatives.

sendinblue mad mimi alternative

Key Features:

  • Transactional Emails: With this feature, you can increase customer satisfaction with your emails. You just have to schedule the emails to be delivered after a specific action.
  • Segmentation: Provides more alliance through this feature by sending marketing emails to the target audience.
  • CRM: All of your client data can be managed easily in one place for better relationships with customers.
  • Real-Time Statistics: With this feature, you can keep an eye on every issue with your email campaigns like clicks, opens, subscribers, etc.

Pricing Plan:

  • Free- In this plan, you can send 1000 emails per day absolutely free
  • Lite- Lite plan offers you 40,000 emails at just $25/Month
  • Essential-In this plan, you will get to send 60,000 emails per day at the cost of $39/Month
  • Premium- Premium plan gives you 1,20,000 emails per day for just $66/Month

You can find more advance schemes in the Enterprise Plan for your needs.

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3.  Pepipost

Pepipost is an ingenious email marketing software that provides elite services that you will not regret. This software is designed to raise your email marketing game by getting your emails delivered to your recipients’ inbox safely and not end up in the spam folder. Pepipost has become popular among marketers and giving tough competition to Mad Mimi and is also counted as a great Mad Mimi alternative because it targets the important issues like pricing, good analysis, and email deliverability.

pepipost mad mim alternative

Key Features:

  • SMTP services: This feature provides the freedom of bulk emailing by sending as many emails as you want and getting them delivered to recipients’ inbox. Pepipost claims to provide the fastest email sending service.
  • Easy and Scalable: start sending emails after completing some easy steps. You just have to connect to SMTP or API and you are good to go.
  • Security: Security is an important aspect for Pepipost and its servers are located at safe data centers. They ensure your data security so that you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Bounce Forwarding: Through this feature, the sender gets the notification on a bounce email and because of this feature the sender can retry sending the email on the new or correct email address. You don’t have to worry about bounced emails anymore.

Pricing Plan:

  • At the cost of $17.5/Month, you can send 150,000 emails per month
  • At just $59.5/Month you get  400,000 emails per month
  • In this plan, at the cost of $101.5/Month, you get  600,000 emails per month
  •  In $171.5/Month you get to send  1,000,000 emails per month
  • At the cost of $311.5/Month, you can send 2,000,000 emails per month

For more than 2,000,000 mails contact their team to know about the high-end plans.

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4.  Moosend

With Moosend you can easily engage your subscribers and grow your business. Moosend gives you the luxury of email marketing by easily managing your multiple mailing lists and email campaigns. It also allows you to create and send the attractive and notable emails, e-newsletters in its built-in campaign editor. Moosend is one of the best Mad Mimi alternatives.

moosend mad mimi alternative

Key Features:

  • List Segmentation: Divide easily between who is your target audience and who isn’t. So you only focus on the perfect data.
  • Data Analyst: Know about the activities that are going on with your email campaign like how many subscribers saw your email, how many of them opened it, etc.
  • Drag and Drop email editor: Like Pabbly and other marketing software, Moosend also provides a Drag and Drop email editor for your convenience. You can comfortably create and send stunning and catchy emails.
  • A/B Testing: Analyze two versions of a web page or application to find out which is better than others.

Pricing Plan:

  • Free – This plan is absolutely free, with unlimited emails per month and 1000 subscribers
  • In just $10 you can send unlimited emails per month to  1000-2000 subscribers
  • At the cost of $20 you can send unlimited emails per month to 2001-3000 subscribers

You can find more advanced plans on their website.

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5.  SendPulse

SendPulse offers a wide range of digital marketing tools to increase your business. It gives you multiple communication channels to collaborate with your customers on a single platform like email, Facebook, SMS, etc. SendPulse is a unified marketing floor with personalization to enable users to communicate better with clients. It is proving to be a good candidate among the Mad Mimi alternatives.

sendpulse mad mimi alternative

Key Features:

  • 5 Communication channels: Frame a relationship with the customers through multiple channels( email, SMS, web push, Viber, Facebook).
  • Variety of Free templates: Now you don’t have to make an email layout from scratch but can choose from pre-designed templates for your email campaign.
  • Trigger Emails: This feature allows you to pre-set the emails that get delivered automatically based on after a certain activity of the customer.
  • Mobile App: SendPulse is available on your mobile phones so that you can manage your email campaigns, interact with the customers, analyze statistics from anywhere and anytime.

Pricing Plan:

  • This plan is free and you get unlimited emails with 1-500 subscribers)
  • You have to pay just $6.4/Month for  unlimited emails and 500-1000 subscribers)
  • At the cost of $9.6/Month you get unlimited emails and 1000-1500 subscribers)
  • In just $12.8/Month you get to send unlimited emails to 1500-2000 subscribers)

You can also find some more advanced plans on their website.

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We sorted out the best Mad Mimi substitutes for you in order to prevent you from choosing the service which doesn’t satisfy your email marketing needs.

Now you can choose sensibly from the above options and boost your business with the right email marketing tools. These software don’t just provide a good pricing deal but also offer so many new and unique features.

Now pick any of the above software according to your needs and budget and write to us for your further queries or suggestions.

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