If you’re looking for Zoho Subscriptions alternatives then this article is worth a read.

Zoho is already ruling the market because of its services. The features offered by it include subscription branding, subscription metering, billing automation and much more.

Zoho Subscriptions is a cloud-based recurring billing software that helps business owners to manage all their subscription plans, recurring bills activities. It is a hassle-free and fully automated software that allows you to send invoices to customers using a single service.

5 Best Zoho Subscriptions Alternatives

However, we would cast some light on the question which is popping up in your head, why the need for Zoho subscriptions alternatives?

Many of the users who used the Zoho subscription software complained about the only one hosted page for multiple products. Some of the users complained about the expensive user license.

In our article, we are going to discuss the 5 best possible Zoho subscriptions alternatives.

Services Pricing  Dunning Emails Additional Transaction Fee Unlimited Revenue Invoicing Billing
Pabbly Subscription Billing  $19/m
Sellfy $29/m
Paywhirl $49/m
Chargebee $99/m

1. Pabbly Subscription Billing – Online Recurring Billing Software

It is one of the best and only recurring billing software available in the market that allows you to create unlimited products and plans. The platform is flexible and easy to operate that is the reason why it is preferable. With the help of it, you can operate all your recurring bills, invoices, failed transactions and much more.

Additionally, this subscription software doesn’t charge any EXTRA AMOUNT for generating revenue.

Pabbly Subscription Billing - Subscriptions alternatives


Let’s cast some lights on the special features offered by the software.

  • The central dashboard will provide all the information regarding new subscriptions, canceled subscription, refunds, etc
  • It offers several payment gateways to collect payments such as Paypal, Stripe, etc. All the payments gateways are secure.
  • Users can customize their Checkout page according to their needs.
  • Also, it allows users to accept multiple currencies and depending on the currency you can generate the respective invoices.
  • The API and Webhook feature allows users to integrate the software with other applications.
  • Email notifications provided to both merchants and customers.
  • It allows users to collect Tax according to country and regions.


Let’s see what kind of plans offered by Pabbly Subscription Billing. According to the needs of the users, it offers certain plans. Let’s dig deep into each plan.

  • Starter Plan:- It is basically for the small business owner who has a limited amount of customers. The plan covers 500 customers at $19 per month.
  • Rookie Plan:- One of the best plans for Startups owner. The plan covers 2000 customers at $29 per month.
  • Pro plan:- It is for the large scale industry. It includes unlimited customers at $49 per month.

As you can see, the plan is cheap and according to the user’s convenience.

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2. Zuora – Subscription Billing Service Provider

It is one of the leading enterprise platforms to enhance your business. Zuora believes in changes as said in its vision, by engaging customers in long term relationships.

Furthermore, it is a cloud-based software that helps business organizations to manage their recurring billing and subscription management.

Zuora - Subscription Billing Service Provider


Let’s see what they have in their features closet.

  • It allows users to create and send invoices automatically.
  • Keeping customers from trouble by allowing single payment for multiple bills.
  • Reminders sent to customers for unpaid payment or failed transactions.
  • Also, you can easily track or check the performance of all packages.
  • Blacklisting feature to block unwanted users.
  • Escalation feature allows to temporarily disable the services of all the unresolved invoices.
  • Healthy support to manage all the disputes regarding payments.


Let’s jump on the plans Zuora has and discuss it briefly. Zuora offered Quote based plans according to the customer’s needs and to know more about the software users will get the free trial.

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3. Sellfy – Subscription Billing Tool

If you are creative and believe in managing something on your own then Sellfy is your place. It allows you to set up your online store. Sellfy is the platform for creators. With the help of Sellfy, you can sell any digital products and goods. The platform is simple and easy to use.

Sellfy - Subscription Billing Tool


Let’s understand its features in detail.

  • It allows users to create a store for selling physical goods. It’s your store and you can customize it accordingly.
  • Sellfy offers user-friendly checkout experience on both mobile and desktop.
  • The only condition is individual file should be less than 5 Gb.
  • It allows you to upload multiple products at a time. There is no storage limit.
  • One of the strongest features of Sellfy is, it gives flexibility by adding the feature “pay what you want”. In this customers are allowed to choose the appropriate price of the product.
  • Users are allowed to collect payment directly from the storefront. The payment gateways offered are PayPal and Stripe.
  • Using marketing and analytics tools, you can keep an eye on best-selling products.
  • To enhance your business it offers integration where you can connect all your favorite applications using Zapier.


About the plans; it has two ongoing plans which are Pro and Pro Plus. The Pro plan is basically for users with a limited amount of customers. It costs $29 per month and also, users have to pay a 2% transaction fee. Whereas Pro Plus is for users with a higher amount of customers. It costs $99 per month with no transaction fees.

Other than this, In Pro Plus you will get Premium customer support.

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4. Paywhirl – Software For Subscription Billing

Through this users can manage their recurring billing payment like a pro. It allows you to manage sell subscriptions, pre-orders, payment plans and much more. The software is user-friendly. Users can easily access it through their end without any difficulty.

Paywhirl - Recurring Billing


Let’s put some light on the features offered by it.

  • It allows users to integrate with other leading tools such as Braintree, Stripe, Zapier, etc.
  • Software offer users to build their billing schedules according to their needs.
  • Users are allowed to create a smart Shopping cart and Embedded Payment widgets.
  • Users can customize their emails and invoices at any time.
  • It supports multiple currencies.


About its pricing plan, it has 3 ongoing plans which includes

  • Business Pro:- It allows you to connect 3 account managers at the cost of $49 per month. Also, users have to pay 2% per transaction. It is best suitable for small businesses.
  • Business Plus:- It costs $149 per month and allows you to connect 10 account managers plus 1% per transaction.
  • Business Ultimate:- It is best suited for large scale business. Here users are allowed to connect unlimited account managers at the cost of $249 per month plus the transaction fee is 0.5% per transaction.

Other than this, it also offers a starter plan which is a free trial but users have to pay 3% per transaction.

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5. Chargebee – Online Subscription Billing Services

The second one on our list is Chargebee. It allows you to untangle your business from spaghetti billing. The software is user-friendly and above all the integration of API is easy which helps in on-point integration.

Apart from this, the customer portal of the software lets you manage all your account related stuff.

Chargebee - Zoho Subscriptions alternatives


Let’s put some light on its key features which makes it different from others.

  • It allows automating recurring bills activities on the top priority
  • To boost business, it gives options for offering discounts or running promotions.
  • Moreover, it offers multiple payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal.
  • If you want to send customize email notification to customers for certain events, you can easily do it by using the software.
  • Customer data security is on top priority.


Talking about the plans, it has 3 ongoing plans. Let’s discuss it briefly.

  • Go plans:- It allows you to connect 3 users at the cost of $99 per month. Through this, you can access multiple products but get only 1 CC payment gateways.
  • Rise plans:- It offers you to connect 10 users at the cost of $299 per month. All the go plan features will be covered in this, plus users will get additional features too. For instance, here users will get unlimited payment gateways.
  • Scale plans:- It offers you to connect 25 users at $599 per month. All the rise plans will be covered in this, additionally, it will offer multiple payment methods and priority phone support.

Other than this, it has New businesses and Enterprise plans too based on Quotations.

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This is all we have for now. All the above mentioned are good in their specific way and if you are looking for Zoho Subscription alternatives then you can give it a try. Let us know what you all think about it in a comment section.

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