In verification results, you will have the option to download three list –  Safe to Send List, Invalid List, and All Results list.

Safe to Send List contains all the data which are valid and you can safely send emails to them.

Invalid List holds are the data that are invalid and you should not send emails to them.

All Results List shows the informs you about the results codes for each email address. Here’s is a brief description for results codes –

♦ “ok” – all is ok, server saying that ready to receive a letter to this address and no tricks detected
♦ “error” – server saying that delivery fails, but no information about email existing
♦ “smtp_error” – SMTP answer of the server is invalid, destination server report us about some internal error
♦ “smtp_protocol” – destination server allows us to connect, but SMTP session was closed before email was verified
♦ “unknown_email” – server saying that delivery fails and email not exist
♦ “attempt_rejected” – delivery fail, reason similar to “rejected”
♦ “relay_error” – delivery fails because the relaying problem happens
♦ “antispam_system” – some antispam technology blocking verification progress
♦ “email_disabled” – email account is suspended/disabled/limited and can’t receive emails
♦ “domain_error” – email server for the whole domain is not installed or incorrect, so all emails not deliverable
♦ “ok_for_all” – email server saying that ready to accept a letter to any email
♦ “dead_server” – email server dead, no connection to it
♦ “syntax_error” – syntax error in email address
♦ “unknown” – email delivery fails but no information about reasons
♦ “email_exists” – email exists but we have no deliverability information (disabled email)

Regarding the emails with the result code as “Ok_for_all”, we don’t recommend sending emails to them as that will accept your email but we cannot say where it will land. It might land in the inbox or in the spam folder. “Ok for all” emails are active emails but they have a firewall on them, which segments the email and makes the email land accordingly which is undetectable during the verification process.

Note: We will remove all the data and reports from your account that are older than 15 days from the moment when the verification process is finished.