RazorPay Integration Guide

We have integrated RazorPay payment gateway using the custom payment gateways option. Please check the RazorPay integration guide.

Also, check the quick video tutorial for the integration process –

You will need to add the PHP file of RazorPay payment gateway on your server. You can download the file form this button (Make sure you always download the latest file, you can check the updates on GitHub)

RazorPay PHP zip – 

Download RazorPay PHP File

Step for RazorPay Payment gateway integration:-

  • Download the RazorPay zip. Make sure you always download the latest version. You can check the updates on GitHub.
  • Extract all the data and edit the config.php file with notepad.
  • Add the API keys of your Pabbly Subscriptions account and RazorPay payment gateway account in the config.php file and save the changes.
  • Upload the RazorPay PHP folder on your server using FileZilla or any other FTP solution.

All the backend work is completed – 

  • Now login into your Pabbly Subscription account and go to the payment integration section. You will find the custom payment option in the drop-down section. 

Pabbly Subscriptions Custom Payment Gateway

  • Add the name of your new payment gateway.
  • Add the gateway URL. 

Pabbly Subscriptions Custom payment gateways

  • Save the settings. 

What is Gateway URL:-

Gateway URL will consist of –

  1. Your main domain (By which you are logged in into your FTP solution).
  2. With that, the name of the RazorPay folder (Pabbly-subscription-razorpay-php-master)
  3. At last, if you are using integration through checkout page then “process-with-checkout-page.php” and if you are using integration through API then “process-with-api.php”

Suppose your main domain is and you have uploaded the RazorPay zip file on your server in a folder naming “pabbly-subscription-razorpay-php-master” then gateways URL will be –

Once all this is done you will get “Active” status for the new payment gateway and a new option for the payment will be added on the checkout page and pay now pages. 

Pabbly Subscriptions Custom Payment Gateway

The Custom payment option on the checkout and on other payments page will look like –

Pabbly Subscriptions custom payment gateway

Pabbly Subscriptions Custom payment gateway

Your customer will be redirected to the custom payment gateways webpage.

The limitations of the custom payment gateways –

  • Recurring payments will not be deducted automatically. The recurring billing cycle will work as an offline subscription cycle. That means the system will send a payable invoice to the customer on the recurring date.
  • Refund module of Pabbly Subscriptions will not work with the custom payment gateway. You can directly refund the customer from the payment gateways account.

if you want to see the codes and updates, then here are GitHub links –

GitHub Docs –

Pabbly Subscriptions Custom Payment gateways.

Pabbly Subscriptions RazorPay Integration For PHP.